On-Stage KSP100 Keyboard Sustain Pedal

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On-Stage KSP100 Keyboard Sustain Pedal
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This One-Stage Universal Sustain Pedal provides a sturdy and responsive control over sustain. It also helps produce high quality sound. It allows you to control the instrument when it's depressed until you release the pedal or the notes naturally end. It includes a polarity switch that makes it compatible with most keyboards. The keyboard sustain pedal is compatible with any electronic keyboard with a 1/4" input jack. With a heavy duty spring, it can stand up to heavy use and lasting for years, while giving you more control over your instrument's sustain. This keyboard pedal is made from chrome with a removable scratch resistant protective cover for a non-slip grip that helps you during furious and high tempo songs. Using a 6' cord, the device can be flexible with your arrangement with other musical instruments and will provide flexibility even if the stage is short of outlets.

  • Full size piano-style pedal
  • Polarity switch for universal compatibility
  • Chrome foot pedal comes with a removable scratch resistant cover, which doubles as a non-slip foot grip
  • Built-in 6‘ cord with ¼” input jack


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So far so good. With the flexible settings it can be used almost for any piano and it works fine. The cost is about half of what the piano makers want.


Solid and durable.

Does just what it's made to do.


ON STAGE sustaining pedal

This pedal is wonderful. Easy to use and very responsive. Perfect match with my Yamaha keyboard.


Does it's job.

Cheap, easy to use, decent quality and just what I needed. Also! I saw a review saying that the pedal works backwards- sustaining when released and muting when depressed- I noticed mine will do this if I depress the pedal before I turn the keyboard on. If you're having this issue and it truly is "backwards", maybe try depressing it before turning your keyboard on, and see if it works normally? Lol! Don't know if this is on purpose or not.. or if it just acts differently with different keyboards... but actually, kind of useful for me and mine, anyways.


works great

needed sustain pedal for borrowed keyboard that came without one. Wanted one cheap....it works great and came in 2 days.