Delray Plants Mass Cane (Dracaena fragrans) Corn Plant Easy to Grow Live House Plant, 10-inch Grower’s Pot

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Delray Plants Mass Cane (Dracaena fragrans) Corn Plant Easy to Grow Live House Plant, 10-inch Grower’s Pot
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The Mass Cane is an easy, low maintenance plant that is an eye-catching addition to the interior. The dark green leaves have a beautiful cream/yellow stripe down the middle and can remove various types of toxins in the air.
  • Easy. Just set it in bright light and enjoy this tall leafy houseplant right out the box.
  • Attractive. Mass Cane (Corn Plant) is a vertical plant with strappy leaves providing instant living decor to your home.
  • Air-purifying. Plants help filter harmful pollutants, such as benzene and formaldehyde, from indoor air. 
  • Water when the soil feels dry.  Don’t allow Mass Cane (Corn Plant) to sit in wet soil. 
  • Add a living sculpture to your home. The upright growth habit and lush leaves of this beautiful plant are like having living art in your home.    
  • Ideal gift. Give this beautiful plant as the perfect housewarming gift for new home buyers. 
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  • Get it now. Ships direct to your home, or pick it up at a nearby Walmart store. 


love it!

I got this plant for mothers day and I split them up into two 12 in pots. They are big and grow fast. I found that these love humidity and do very well in bathrooms if you don't have that much humidity in your home. I have it receiving partial sun light. I did not find browning on the leaves or tips. I used a miracle grow potting soil mixed with a little peat moss. I only had to water twice in a month because of the humidity in the bathroom! Very easy to take care of and you can look up on YouTube on care tips and how to propagate these! Love it!!!


Brown spots on arrival

It's the same deal as other reviewers here have experienced! Brought it home from the store and opened it up to find big brown spots on quite a few leaves, possibly from being in the cold for a long time. I guess it wasn't shipped in a temperature controlled environment either. I put it in a lightly shaded area in the room, as instructed. Three days later, more leaves turning brown! Very disappointing...


Great for the price!

Bought at the store, looks very tropical. Great addition to my list living room...


Highly recommend!

If you're looking for affordable live plants and you need them shipped cheaply; Wal-Mart us were it's at! Quality is great and price us unbeatable! I ordered 3 :-)


Beautiful plants

I bought 2 of these for my new home, much bigger than I expected and arrival time was way early than was said So they have been sitting in my room now for 5 days I opened the bags So they could get some light and breathe, waiting for their new home in a couple days. I So recommend these plants. Thank you kl