My Pillow Standard Queen Size, Medium Fill As Seen on TV

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My Pillow Standard Queen Size, Medium Fill As Seen on TV
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Prepare yourself for a wonderful night of sleep with this As Seen on TV My Pillow. It is designed to keep your nerves and vertebrae in alignment for a more comfortable slumber. This comfort pillow will provide you with deeper and longer REM sleep so you wake up feeling more refreshed. The built-in cooling effect keeps the surface cool so you will spend your night at just the right temperature that's comfortable for you. It is easy to keep it clean and fresh. This As Seen on TV pillow creates an exact custom fit that molds to your body so it's simple to find a comfortable position. It also helps to relax the cervical nerves on each side of your neck. This allows for increased blood flow, thereby reducing the likelihood of migraine headaches and muscle cramps. It can also be helpful in improving allergy and asthma symptoms thanks to the hypoallergenic material. This helps to eliminate dust mites, mold and pollen.
My Pillow Standard Queen Firm Fill


UPC : 097298022661 - My Pillow Standard Queen Size, Medium Fill As Seen on TV -

You sink to the bed half way thru the night and have to flip the pillow over. Not worth it.


To hard

Chose firm fill using manufacturers sizing chart. To firm for me. Can see how the right size and firmness might make for a comfortable pillow.


Helped my neck

I spent 50 bucks on this pillow at Walmart one day when I saw it near the checkout and I don't regret it at all. If something happened to the one I have I'd buy it again. I have serious neck problems from a car wreck years ago and I sleep better now. Before I was using three normal pillows stacked on top of each other to try to get comfortable. Some people don't like this pillow, but I'm so glad that I bought it. I'm addicted to this pillow now lol! It's made in the USA, which is a plus too...


Try it... it's worth it!

It works as advertised....dry it to fluff it up, pat it down for your desired height. It's super light weight and has no chemical smell. I have the firm fill, and can adjust it to any desired shape I want quickly. If washing it makes it better, then who wouldn't try it? Name another pillow that you can wash and dry. No complaints here.


Try it... it's worth it!

it's just a pillow. nothing changed except the cost! be smart. keep your $$ and buy just a plane pillow. I see no difference