Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike: ME-709

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Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike: ME-709
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Marcy ME 709 Exercise Bike
ME 709 Exercise Bike



When I went to write my review it came up as the ENHANCED FUNCTION bike, which is NOT what I have. This bike is great, heavy duty rated to hold a maximum of 300 lbs. It sits a little higher than most recumbent bikes which makes it easier to get on/off of. It is very quiet, no problem watching TV while riding. The "computer" - speed, distance/time ridden automatically starts when you start peddling, the adjustment for the resistance is easy to set/works, the distance between the seat peddles is also adjustable. I am 5'2" and have it on the closest/shortest setting. Delivery was on time and they brought it inside instead of leaving it outdoors. The box is large and to me heavy. Bike/parts were well packed, directions/diagrams APPEARED easy. Be careful when you get to STEP TWO as the written directions are correct, BUT the diagrams go from right to left, not the usual left to right. so, while connecting the "computer wire was easy I could NOT get the pedal resistance wire to "reach". Part of it was due to the reversed order of the diagrams and when they packed the bike for shipping they used an electrical "tie" to hold the wire in place. Unfortunately, they put it between the magnetic end/wire, so it took up maybe 1/4" of space that prevented the wire from reaching the other end, so you could connect it. I placed another tie wrap BELOW the connector and cut the one that was preventing the wire to reach. It then easily slipped into the connecting bracket. Also, make sure you are using the CORRECT bolts/nuts, as it is easy to mistakenly grab the wrong ones (they will fit/work), but later find out you are "short" on the ones you need to finish. Although tools are included, it is much easier if you have an adjustable/locking wrench and a rachet to securely tighten the nuts/bolts. It would be even easier to have an extra set of hands when tightening nuts/bolts and especially when connecting the pedal resistance cable.


Stationary exercise bike

It wasn't that hard to assemble except for the seat. Also, seat was very uncomfortable, so I had to go out and spend another $25.00 to get a bit wider one with more padding. Also, the instructions are very poorly written/illustrated. A kid in elementary school could have written lone better Thanks!


Can't even put it together.

Front frame is warped when one bolt is in the other won't even go in.