Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike: ME-709

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Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike: ME-709
MSRP : $199

Sale : $139
Sold & shipped by Walmart
The Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike (ME-709) is an easy way to shed unwanted pounds and increase cardiovascular endurance. It has a compact design that doesn't take up too much space, making it ideal to use at home or in the office. This exercise bike for weight loss can help you form, shape and tone your physique and burn calories for full body workout in the comfort of your own home. It features a high-quality structure that combines design and performance with a powder-coated finish. It's sturdy enough to resist scratches, chips and damages from the environment, helping to ensure that it can withstand heavy daily use.
Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike: ME-709:Ideal for home or office useMarcy exercise bike can help you burn calories and shed poundsCompact designFull body workoutIncrease cardiovascular endurance


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Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike nice bike i love it


Awful Marcy ME

I have bought this bike for my son who is in special needs and has to do exercise because of extra wight . Actually its looks very cheap product and not comfort for training and after opened the box its took too much time to assemble . After using it few times he start complaining too much pain in his back and knees then I thought it is better to exercise myself after few times , i have got same problem then I asked my GP Dr regarding these matter but she refused to use this machine because get too much pressure to your knees and back . after 2 months I tried to sell it for less than half price but nobody wanted . Please do not buy it before try it Special if you have muscle pain or back and knee pain or Arthritis ,Unfortunately I lost my money .


I am very impressed

We bought this bike because winter was on its way and we needed to drop a few pounds. I researched and looked around at different stores but didn't want to spend $1000 on a piece of exercise equipment. We found this bike at Walmart for under $200 and figured we would give it a shot and if it was terrible we would return the thing. Setup - very very easy setup, horrible instructions. I'm a very handy person and was able to figure it out but it definitely takes 2 people to setup the bike due to the wires you have to connect (just snaps into place but its hard to hold the handle bars up by yourself). Takes about 30 minutes to put together and 30 minutes to pull everything out of the box and unwrap. Use - The seat is comfy for an exercise machine and I love the straps on the pedals. The tension seems just right. I haven't worked out in a long time so even setting 2 was a challenge the first time we used the bike. We have been using it for 30 minutes every day since then and absolutely love it. Timer/Controls - these are super easy to use. You can reset each zone or just reset the timer. It also keeps track of how much use the bike has gotten in miles. Noise - When using this bike there is NO NOISE AT ALL. I was impressed. Any bike I've ever been on has been loud. We watch tv while using the bike and it doesn't disrupt anyone else. Seat Positions - There are about 6 or 7 different seat positions, sliding the seat out takes some muscle. Overall a great purchase and great quality piece of equipment. Will recommend to all my friends.


The best exercise bike I've owned

I've owned 3 or 4 exercise bikes in my lifetime. I am currently 55 yrs old, overweight with a slight heart problem. I'm 5'4" tall but my inseam is suited for someone 5' tall. I drilled an extra hole. I started with a smaller drill bit & increased the size gradually. It was a fairly slow process. I have a portable computer table that fits across the bike. So I am able to play on my laptop, read a book, or watch TV. On the first day, which was yesterday, I rode it for 5 hours. Yikes!!! The console is very to see how fast I'm peddling. Hopefully, the weight will start to melt off. I LOVE it!


very pleased

My wife and I wanted to buy a recumbent bike to replace our antique sit up model. I came upon this one through a failed purchase attempt of this model on Craigslist. After a little research, we figured it would be a good one for a couple that aren't hard core exercisers. It was reasonably priced, didn't have a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles, and we could get it site to store in a matter of days. The bike is perfect for us. It was easy to put together, about a half hour. It fits our workout area well. It is comfortable and unbelievably quiet. I'm 5'10" and I pull out to the second position. My wife at 5'2" uses the closest position with a cushion behind her and says it works fine. Unlike other reviewers, I definitely feel a difference in the tension settings. My one recommendation would be concerning the hand bars. I've seen pictures with them placed in either of their 2 possible configurations, but we prefer having them mounted with the bars coming straight out from the frame with the ends angling upward. It seems a more natural position for your hands. I like that I can walk downstairs and get in a quick 30 minute pedal, especially with colder weather coming on. It also beats taking my bicycle out and fighting traffic, or having to haul it to a better riding destination. I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone just wanting a bike for casual workouts.