Hot Hands Hand Warmers 10 Count Value Pack

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Hot Hands Hand Warmers 10 Count Value Pack
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Keep your hands warm and toasty while you're working or playing outdoors with this Hot Hands Value Pack, 10-Pack. The value pack includes 10 pairs of hand warmers that can provide over 200 hours of safe, natural heat. These Hot Hands Hand Warmers come ready to use, are air activated and can be slipped into a glove or pocket to give you instant comforting heat. They work well for construction workers, police officers, athletes and campers and are an ideal warming solution for sporting events, hunting, snow shoveling and just about any cold-weather activity.

Hot Hands Hand Warmers 10-Count Value Pack:

  • 10-count value pack of 1-pair packages
  • Hand warmers provide up to 10 hours of long-lasting heat
  • Air-activated and ready to use
  • Safe and natural heat
  • Keep in gloves or pockets
  • Ideal for winter sports, outdoor workers and tailgating


We tested hot hands was best

My 7th grade group tested grabber, hot hands, and Amex. To test these products we had tin foil boxes with a themudre inside with hand wamers. The results are hot hands 106.8, Amex 100.1, grabber 99.3 in degrees.


Hot Stuff

Inexpensive and disposable. While I am not a fan of many disposable items, this is the exception. My wife has a condition which makes her hands cold all the time. She wears gloves year round and still requires some added help to keep them warm. We have tried numerous reusable pads/ packets and they just don't seem to last for more than 30 minutes. Then you have to reactivate them. The HotHands are good for 10 hours plus, just as advertised. We are not spending half the day re-activating reusable plastic/vinyl things that take more time and energy to activate than time spent actually warming. We go through a 10 pack of HotHands in about a week. Walmart makes this very affordable for us. I recommend these and I don't typically recommend anything.


Toasty warm for hours

These get quite hot--for me, too hot to put in a glove, but fine for keeping in your pockets and holding it once in a while. The packets are self contained, small, lightweight, and require no batteries or power. They take about 30 minutes after initially shaking to heat up. (Be sure to keep the wrapper sealed until you use them. ) They produce a surprising amount of heat for at least 8 hours, and I've come back and given them a shake after 14 or so and gotten 30 more minutes of heat out of them. The contents are safe for the environment, so you can just toss them when they cool. These are great for winter sports, hiking & camping, figure skating, working outside, and for emergency heat. Consider keeping some in the car or storm shelter in case you get stranded. I believe these are a super value for a whole day of warming.


No more cold hands!

These are super handy! They fit in a glove, a pocket, even a shoe or a sock. My hands get cold and then the aches and pains start. These really help with that issue. Wish I had invented them.



Used these when i was in the army, and my friends still use them when they go through basic. They keep you warm but not over warm. Give them a min to warm up and then your good to go. Great product :D