X Rocker Extreme X Classic Black Mesh Video Rocker with Built-in Controls

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X Rocker Extreme X Classic Black Mesh Video Rocker with Built-in Controls
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Sit back and relax like the pros when you bring home the X Rocker Extreme X Classic Black Mesh Rocker with Built-in Controls. This premium armless rocker chair is the perfect seating solution for serious gamers who know how important it is to have a great view of the screen and the freedom to move the controller all about. The X Rocker has been expertly engineered to suit the needs of video gamers, providing built-in controls to adjust the volume and sound mix as they play. It is also great for reading books, watching movies and TV or just listening to some music. Made from mesh, this chair is breathable while still super comfortable to the touch. The versatile black finish will easily coordinate with any design style or color palette, making it suitable for use in living rooms, dens, bedrooms, rec rooms and more. What are you waiting for? Take your leisure time to the next level with the Black Mesh Extreme X Rocker.


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The chair is okay however when contacting the manufacturer not so good. A simple request was sent to XRocker about input and output cables provided with chair. The input and power cables providexd are not long enough. I have to spend $30 more dollars on cables when the manufacturer should provide longer cables in the first place.


Fun Chair

The chair is obviously very low to the ground haha it's a bit awkward trying to get up and out of it, but comfortable once your in it. I watched a 2plus hour moving sitting in it and it was quite comfortable with legs stretched out and love the ability to rock. Only draw back, how easy it rocks backward. YES, once it rolls all the way back, makes for some very amusing videos of the person trying to get the chair back up right with no help!! The ability to hook the gaming system up to the chair and hear the sounds right behind your head is great!! Nice surround sound for ther person in the chair. Fun chair, kids adore it!! It's worth the money in my opinion even though it does roll backwards VERY easy!


Fun Chair

We bought this for our 5 year old son. It is the perfect size for him, I can even sit in it comfortably. It was super easy to put together, simply unfold and velcro. Probably the best feature is you can plug it into any device or controller and it comes over the speakers in the back. Only bad this is the power cord needs to be longer, but nothing n extention cord cant fix. Such a great buy and we would buy it again.


Better instructions needed

The stereo cables and couplers weren’t included and the instructions were vague on what was exactly needed to connect the gaming chair to the TV for the sound to work. A 3.5 mm aux to RCA stereo cable (red/white/black), a/v cable couplers (female), and a stereo audio cable (red/white) are needed and will run about $20 at a minimum depending on what length is purchased. The volume on the gaming chair can be adjusted, but the sound is low with the volume turned all the way up. The gaming chair does squeak. It is more comfortable for youth than adults.


ok if you want to lay back far

Got these for my 6 and 7 year olds and even tested myself. If you relax and lean back as you would in a chair, it rocks back uncomfortably far, no matter your size. My gamer husband was also disappointed. Also were quite noisy as you rock, probably due to the folding area. I understand these aren't $100 but I expected more. Will be returning and finding different ones.