Cricut Explore Air Glitter Bundle

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Cricut Explore Air Glitter Bundle
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Your little lady will be the happiest in all the land with the Walmart Cricut Explore Air Glitter Bundle. This machine cuts over 100 different materials — everything from cardstock and vinyl to thick materials like leather — and features a dual carriage to cut and write or score in one step. Use Cricut Glitter Vinyl for shimmery creations perfect for special occasions or everyday fun. With Design Space, the free online software, it's so easy to choose and manage images and projects. Savings Value of $69.96.

Cricut Explore Air Glitter Bundle:
  • Premier wireless cutting machine that cuts over 100 different materials (everything from cardstock and vinyl to thick materials like leather)
  • Features a dual carriage to cut and write or score in one step
  • You can make cards, invites, party and bedroom decor and so much more featuring everyone's favorite princesses
  • Use Cricut Glitter Vinyl for shimmery creations perfect for special occasions or everyday fun
  • With Design Space, the free online software, it's so easy to choose and manage images and projects
  • You'll love the Design Space iOS app with the SnapMat tool for design placement and the offline feature that lets you design on-the-go


Consider this a bundle of glitter vinyl

I consider myself a low-tech person. My husband loves technology. I do have the original cricut (personal). I enjoyed it but wanted a 12 x 12 mat. I was thinking about getting an expression, but saw you could only get them used, as I was thinking I didn't want to use the computer, but I watched tutorials on the cricut air. So I jumped in and got this one. I already had some of the supplies. They just said the cricut explore air 2 was faster. First off, no, you do not get free princess items to cut. You have to purchase them. You just get the vinyl, but if you get over that, I love this machine. My husband linked my iPad, iPhone and computer to the design space. I can pick something from my phone with the design space app and print it out. Just make sure you check your settings to turn on the blue tooth part to your explore air. I even made a glitter cake topper for my daughter. Just watch a utube video on welding words and letters and it's done! I actually did it under an hour figuring out how to size and ungroup letters and then group and weld. On this I had to do it on the computer. Thank you to the ladies that make these tutorials. I do like how user friendly it is. Even I can use design space. I have to admit I have a Big Shot and a Scan n Cut. I love them all. But all in different ways. I love the scan n cut for that simple aspect of scanning something then cutting it. I love my big shot for card making for its embossing and stitch marks when cutting out. But the cricut explore air... I love the simplicity of the dial to turn for what type of paper or vinyl I am cutting. I love that I could use my phone on simple projects. I love when I have no imagination there are projects to cut out. I also love that there are two spaces in the carriage for a pen or scorer and the cutting blade. I had a few cartridges of my own so my husband linked them to my account. He just couldn't link one. I have access to quite a few things since I have a free subscription to design space until May 6. So we shall see how much I like this once my subscription ends. I did purchase on sale at Joanns the assorted pack of mats. You will have to purchase if you are a newbie those cricut tools to weed your cutouts. Also if you are going to cut out thicker material buy a deep cut blade. I got mine on Amazon, mine was black. Make sure it is for the explore air. One other thing, if your paper is really smooth it may stick to the regular mat, like glue on stick. I had to use a low tack mat to cut my glitter paper out because when I used the regular mat it just glued on. Sorry for the long comment. But I do love this cricut machine.



This is my first cricut and I was super excited bout it. 1) it took longer to ship than it said. It was supposed to be here at the beginning of the week and just got here today (Friday). I opened it up, it was all pretty easy to set up and get started. The cricut itself is super easy to use. This bundle came with 4 rolls of vinyl and a mat as well as the pen. The software on my phone was kind of confusing at first but the tutorial helped me get started. What I'm mostly upset about is the vague and misleading discription on walmarts end. I couldn't find anywhere that said what all the bundle came with and was under the impression that it came with the Disney princess images. After searching all over the cricut app, and talking to 3 very unhelpful customer service techs from cricut we came to the conclusion that it does not come with the princess images. You have to buy them. I'm not big into princesses but it was a good price for the bundle and figured I could make and sell some princess themed stuff. Well at $2 a pop for anything Disney related that probably won't be happening. Very disappointed with Walmart for giving a misleading discription.


disappoint/love it

disappointed that it says princess and shows princesses but the images shown need to be purchase so you should really call it a glitter bundle! other the that im happy with it


Don't be fooled!!!

This product makes you think you are getting Disney cartrages. NO. What you see is what you get. No bag for machine and only the glitter vinyls.


Arrived. quickly perfect condition

The cricut arrived over a week before the original delivery date. It was packed well and came out of the box without defect I was able to plug it in and connect to my iPad iPhone and laptop easily. The tutorial was quickly done. I only with there were more tutorials to start you out with but there are many online instructional videos online