Honeywell Table Air Circulator Fan, HT-900, Black

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Honeywell Table Air Circulator Fan, HT-900, Black
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The three-speed Honeywell Turbo Force air circulator fan is designed to deliver quiet, powerful, personal cooling. In fact, this Honeywell HT-900 fan is up to 25 percent quieter than other models currently on the market. Its adjustable fan head can pivot up to a 90-degree angle and either provide direct cooling or function as an air circulator. The Honeywell portable fan helps increase air flow so that your air conditioning and heating systems can be used at lower settings to help you save money year round. You can use the Honeywell HT-900 fan on desks, counters and tabletops, or wall-mount the portable fan to save space.


Longtime fan literally

I love these fans. I actually sleep with it on year round to block out the neighbors noise. I have not went back to the old school white box fans. I love that I can adjust the fan. It works very well, and is sturdy. No tipping over, or nothing. Just plug it in, and feel the sensational breeze. My family loves these fans. They may not be huge, but the get the job done.


Dependable and quiet

I like the fact that the fan is small and quietly powerful. It helps me get through hot days and consistebtly blows cool air. I just love it!


Honeywell Fan

This fan is the perfect size for my work space. It's nice and quite it also puts out a lot of air!


One 3 yrs old & running great---Plus a new one!

The Honeywell Turbo Force Air Circulator Fan HT-900-WMT works great. It makes a strong circulating breeze. Works fantastic in both of my sons rooms. I went with the Flippi Vornado small desk top because of color mostly---I regret the purchase in terms of cooling a comparison, The Honeywell Turbo Force lives up to its name. My sons, though adults are not the gentlest of souls when it comes to ANYTHING living in their bedrooms---LOL.... That being said this little Honeywell fan takes a licking & keeps on running & cooling just as if it were a brand new product. This was a site to home, free delivery purchase, fan if as pictured, arrived in perfect condition, and it arrived EARLY---all very good things!!!! P.S. (((My Flippi although cute, is no close 2nd...should be used only as a small quiet desk fan, maybe in an office or study desk situation))) Sorry for getting off topic--they were purchased at the same time. So hard to write about one without thinking of the other. :-)


4-yrs Old and Still Going STRONG!!

Bought this fan over 4yrs ago, and still use it daily. Orginally purchased as an office fan that I set under my desk to keep the air in 'my cube' moving on the LOW speed setting {my Cube was in the 'dead spot' of the central air system and it frequently got muggy, so I had to have something that moved the air and they had a policy against desktop items - such as fans and/or radios}. Anyway, it worked perfectly! Since then I've relocated to another office/building and the air circulation is much better, so I now use this fan at home to keep air moving around the house. It's discreet, quiet, and it moves air VERY EFFECTIVELY. And for the price, you simply cannot go wrong. It's fairly light, so if you have a crowded home shop, for instance, you could mount this high on a wall or ceiling - point the fan in the direction you prefer - and it could move air from above! <it came with mounting screws and holes in the stand-bottom).