Portable Buddy Heater, 9K Btu, Propane

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Portable Buddy Heater, 9K Btu, Propane
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Keep your space warm with the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater. Designed for both indoor and outdoor usage, it heats and spreads warmth up to a distance of 200 sq ft. This Buddy propane heater can be directly connected through the optional hose and is hence very easy to use. With a lightweight and compact design, it is convenient to carry this propane gas heater along while traveling and it comes with a fold-down handle that facilitates easier storage. This portable propane heater has various safety features such as a tip-over shutoff and low-oxygen shutoff that power down the unit in case of any accidents and low oxygen supply respectively.

Portable Buddy Heater, 9K Btu, Propane


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works about 10 to 15 sputters and shuts off and will not relight for hours......then does the same thing


Simply a must for any outdoorsman or lady.

Scenario- You are in your hunting tent, warm in your sleeping bag. But that inevitable moment comes where you can wiggle no more and it is time to "step outside" real quick and leave that warm cocoon. I keep mine handy by my cot so I can quickly light it and turn it on high, step outside for my "break", then come back in the tent to dress for the day's action. I hover over it a minute to warm up and by the time I am dressed, it's getting pretty warm in there! How big your tent is will determine how fast it warms up, but it is invaluable. It isn't recommended on the box, but on super cold nights, I have many times fallen asleep with it on low to keep the chill down. It goes about 6 hours max on one canister, then I pop a new one in when I wake up. It's nice to dress when it's actually warm and not below freezing! Takes a while for the body to warm up like that. Cozy.


Good for Ice Fishing

I have the older model of Mr. Heater for my ice hut. I wanted the new version for the easier convenience of carrying and small foot print. This unit heats very well. The one thing that would be nice, is if it had a fan to propel the heat. The bigger unit has the fan, but the price tag in my opinion is too high. I feel the price tag for this unit is also a bit high. I went through a 16.4 oz propane canister in under 3 hours on high mode in my work shop. Will think about using 20 gallon tank for extended use, but will be using on low mode in the ice hut. I had gift cards to help lessen the blow of the price but still recommend this unit. The carry handle is very useful. Easy lighting. I never give anything a 5 star rating, because I always think it could be better. 4 stars is darn good in my book.


Nice alternative to RV furnace

Hooked it to a 20 lb tank with SHINESTAR 5FT Propane Hose Adapter 1lb to 20 lb Converter Replacement for Coleman Stove, Buddy Heater and More 1LB Portable Appliance to LP Tank POL Connection. That cable can also allow my 20 lb tank to charge a 1 lb propane bottle...NICE for portability! Easy to use, fires up almost immediately. simple instructions. My RV furnace stopped working and estimate is too expensive to repair so I'd rather go with this to keep warm occasionally.


a life saver due to many power failures, heats two

Many power failues during this winter, was told by friend of this heater, purchased a unit from Walmart, three days it was here for our use, did a good job heating two rooms. We are very pleased with Mr.Heater.