Dust-Off DPSXL3 Disposable Dusters (3 pk)

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Dust-Off DPSXL3 Disposable Dusters (3 pk)
MSRP : $40.29

Sale : $13.99
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Dust-Off Electronics Duster is an effective tool for removing dust and other contaminants from hard-to-reach areas in a multitude of settings including home, office, laboratories and workshops. The cleaning versatility provides a safe and effective tool in hundreds of applications. This duster is especially effective for cleaning CPUs, keyboards, computer mice and workstations.
  • Provides potent, dust-removing power for practically any task
  • Ideal for keyboards, notebooks, CPU, collectibles, window blinds, lamp shades, craft projects & sewing machines
  • Contains a bitterant to help discourage inhalant abuse
  • Includes extension tube to get in hard-to-reach places
  • 10oz
  • 3 pk


Does the trick...cheaply too!

Ive been using Dust-Off for a few years now on computers and electronics and it hasnt failed me yet. Compressed air is surprisingly expensive. At one point I was paying 10 or 11 dollars a can. Then I found three cans for 12 bucks at Walmart. It felt like a steal! Next time I look online its $8.38 for three cans. Even better! I couldnt believe it. Cant thank Walmart enough for always having the best prices. This product may not be a name brand but it does the job and does it well at an affordable price. That's enough for me.


Does the trick...cheaply too!

I use this to clean my fans. Works great for dust on can blades.


air duster

i love it..........i use it for a bunch of stuff that you can get to with a vacuum.....like where two walls come together you know that little triangle that always collects crud.........use the dust off then vac.........oh ya bb that will do it.......and all the little places on the instrument panel of your car or truck........use the dust off to blow away all the grunge and lint and you get to keep all the loose change that you find under the seats.........lol


"Great Value "

The Dust-Off Electronics Duster In a Can Is Great.I Use This For Dusting and Blowing Off My Computer and Keyboard. There Are Many Uses For This Wonderful Product,and a Better Value Would Be Hard To Find."It's Great.'


Excellent Price

I have tried every duster on the market and they are all about the same.