Black Flag 5500 Volt Deluxe Bug Zapper, 1.5 Acre Coverage

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Black Flag 5500 Volt Deluxe Bug Zapper, 1.5 Acre Coverage
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Get rid of bugs and insects with the Black Flag 40W Deluxe Bug Zapper. You can forget the bugs and enjoy your evening out on your patio or yard. The powerful electric fly zapper draws the pesky insects and electrocutes them instantly upon contact. This product uses black light to kill 40 percent more bugs than the number killed by white light. The smart mosquito zapper features a special dusk-to-dawn sensor to adapt to the changing influx of mosquitoes and insects. It uses octenol, a chemical that naturally lures the insects towards the zapper. Further, the device is energy-efficient and is ideal for use in medium to large-sized yards.

  • Plug-in bug zapper helps keep flying insects away
  • Protects yards and patios up to 1.5 acres in size
  • Effective against mosquitos, flies, wasps, moths and more
  • UV-LED black light attracts wide range of insects
  • Outer safety guard protects children, pets and wildlife
  • Intended for outdoor use only
  • Attracts and eliminates 40% more insects
  • Provides 20% more bulb life
  • Uses 30% less energy
  • Includes attached metal hoop for easy storage
  • Dusk to Dawn sensor switch adjusts to your environment
  • Includes Black Flag Mosquito Octenol Lure with universal fit clip
  • Octenol lure operates on 30-day continuous release
  • 2 operation settings: 24-hour or Dusk to Dawn operation
  • Bulb wattage: 40 watts
  • Grid Voltage: 5500 Volts
  • Bug zapper dimensions: 9.63"L x 9.63"W x 19"H
  • 5-year warranty
  • Refills and replacement bulbs sold separately