Just My Size Women's Satin Stretch Wireless Bra, Style 1960

By: Just My Size

Just My Size Women's Satin Stretch Wireless Bra, Style 1960
MSRP : $21.024

Sale : $14.68
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Just My Size Full Figure Satin Stretch Wirefree Bra, Style 1960

Just My Size Women's Satin Stretch Wireless Bra, Style 1960
  • Silky two-section cups give you naturally contoured curves
  • Allover knit-in stretch ensures sleek fit and freedom of movement
  • Wider non-stretch straps adjust in front for convenience
  • Stretchy satin back resists ride-up and smoothes out bulges
  • Sexy matte-&-shine pattern adds a touch of luxe
  • Back close has two to four rows of adjustable hooks & eyes, depending on bra size
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What’s happening??

I love this bra and it’s probably the only one I will buy and wear because it fits and feels so good!! However, I have been having a hard time finding my size in any color but black and white and I want JMS to start making them in every color again! Red , rosewood, brown, why do we have to suffer?? Once I find a bra this always happens I’m very sad and upset


Extremely comfortable and Fits !

I have been buying and wearing these bras for I imagine over 30 years they are the most comfortable wearing bra that I have found since I am extremely large breasted it takes a well made and long lasting bra too Keep up with my usage. I wear my bras 24 hours a day. It is more comfortable for me to wear my bras at night to sleep with. I wish the designers could make some kind of addition 2 my bras because of my size I sweat very much under my breast so I use a small washcloth up under the front rib of my bra to absorb the sweat so that I do not get infections like I used to. I know that I am not the only woman who suffers with this problem but are too embarrassed to say so. Please Help ???


Extremely comfortable and Fits !

I have been wearing this bra for many many years. I love it. I have been very disappointed of late. Of course they quite making colors in my size, but okay I will wear white forever I guess. I am okay with that. The last 4 I bought does wrinkle on the seam lines and shows through my clothing. And today I was going to purchase 4 new ones but now they don't have my size 40DDD. What's happening here? Am I going to have to search for a new bra?


Best bra ever

I have bought this style for over 15 years. I love it. As years have gone by I have gained weight now I need a bigger cup size. I hope they soon start making more of the 50DDD so I can continue to buy.


Straps Too Short

First thing I noticed when I put bra on was the straps were way too short. Due to the cost of returning them from New Zealand was able to find a home for them here! I have bought others and not a problem unit I received latest order and also find another different style the straps are too short. .