Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat

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Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat
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The Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat is another option for customizing your thermostat to your schedule. The 5-2 Programmable Thermostat let's you program weekdays separate from the weekend, each with four program periods per day. The Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat applies the simple programming logic found in many conventional formats with control buttons and a large viewing screen. The result is a very easy-to-use programmable thermostat that responds to your choices and schedules for optimal comfort and energy savings. The large, backlit display shows room temperature, set temperature and current time all at once. You'll enjoy the convenience, energy savings and consistent comfort that one can expect from the thermostat leader. Save up to 33 percent on your heating or cooling bill when used as directed.

Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat:
  • The Honeywell Energy Saving Thermostat has a backlit display
  • Precise temperature control
  • Easy-to-use and install
  • Weekday/weekend programming
  • 1 program for the weekdays and a separate program for the weekends with 4 program periods per day
  • The Honeywell Energy Saving Thermostat provides energy savings
  • Savings may vary depending on geographic region and usage
  • Basic operation keeps programming easy
  • Precise temperature control of +/-1 degree F to maximize comfort
  • Does not work with heat pump systems with back-up heat, multi-stage heating/cooling systems and electric baseboard heat (120-240V)
  • The Honeywell Programmable Thermostat has a 1-year warranty


Simple to use

It's a great price and it does everything it's designed to do. I have heard complaints of a complex setup, but the only thing that could be simpler is a non-programmable thermostat. Anytime you don't want to fool with the programming of this model, just push "Hold" and it is the same as a manual thermostat. When you push the "Set" button, set the time. Keep pushing the "Set" button to set the day of week. Push "Set" again to program weekday events. There are four events per day, Wake, Leave, Return, and Sleep. You set the time of the event, push "Set", set the temperature for that event, push "Set", program the next event, etc. After programming the weekday events, it goes to weekend programming and you do it the same way. If you want to just change the program of one event, push "Set" repeatedly until you get to that event. After your change, press "Run" and you're done. It keeps the temp pretty close to the setting, never more than one degree difference, but most times exactly at the set temp.



Picked this thermostat up from the store. Came home, installed it and programmed it in about 20 minutes (using existing wiring). Works great! The timer is accurate, has programs for start, leave, return and sleep. Hold and run functions for sudden weather changes or if you're off your regular schedule. My only problem is that I did not know this model uses batteries but maybe I didn't read well enough. Only two AAA batteries and I expect them to last for a very long time.


Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat

The Honey well thermostat is an excellent buy , easy to install , very accurate and true to it's programming. After installing you can forget about adjusting the thermostat every day because it's all done for you for the times you have programmed it for. P.H



We needed to get a new thermostat because the one we had went kaput. So after some researching on popular site named after a river I was convinced that this is perfect for what we needed. All you have to do is remove the old one and put this one on. They should have plug and play on the label it was that easy. All the wires are color coded and you just place them with the corresponding letter. B for blue wire, G for green wire and so on. Pop in some AAA's (not included) and your done! The only reason I went to Walmart was because I live in California and we can not live with out AC, I couldn't be bothered with same day shipping. Whole process driving to store and replacing it was about 1hr and half with lunch time traffic.


Easy to install

I was looking for a thermostat that would be easy to install, program and use. This unit fully met my expectations. Good clear directions. I rated average on durability because I've had it only a short time so I don't really know.