The Pioneer Woman Adeline 16-Ounce Emboss Glass Tumblers, Set of 4

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The Pioneer Woman Adeline 16-Ounce Emboss Glass Tumblers, Set of 4
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This stunning Four-Piece Iced Tea Tumbler Set features strong statement pieces made of durable, embossed pressed glass. Decorative and functional, the tumbler's timeless design and embossed texture adds elegance to even a simple glass of water. The set includes four 16-ounce tumblers.
The Pioneer Woman Adeline 16 oz Emboss Glass Tumblers, Set of 4 :
  • The Pioneer Woman Adeline 16 oz Embossed Glass Tumbler 4-Piece Set, Turquoise is a great way to bring country charm to your drinkware collection
  • Perfect for entertaining family and friends
  • Easily matches with other items in the Pioneer Woman Collection
  • Includes four 106 oz tumblers
  • Made of durable glass that is dishwasher safe
  • Large 16oz capacity


Dangerous as they break, crack and chip.

Poor quality. I purchased 8 of these glasses in clear and loved the design. The Pioneer Woman designs are all very charming and I'd like to buy more but due to the lack of quality, I will not buy these items, nor will I recommend them to others. We used these glasses once and they began cracking and chipping and the entire bottom came out of one of them! We have children and their safety, as well as ours and our guests, is of great concern to us and as far as we're concerned, these glasses should be pulled from the shelves before the Pioneer Woman finds herself with a huge lawsuit! Please don't purchase these glasses as they are dangerous.


My cups broke into!

I got these beautiful glasses for Christmas and since then, 2 of them have completely broken into! I don't use them all the time and was very upset when it happened. It's like the bottom is too heavy for the actual cup. I left a little liquid in it over night and the next day I went to pick it up and the bottom fell off. The 2nd one broke the same way when I pulled it out of my dishwasher. I really love the look of these because they go great with my cream white Pioneer Woman plates and bowls but I don't like How they are not sturdy enough.


I love these until the bottom broke right off :(

I loved this glasses for months. They are beautiful and feel sturdy. Today, however, I poured a glass soda from the fridge and the bottom came right off. It made a hudge sticky mess. I worry that these glasses weren’t made well and now I don’t trust using any of the 7 glasses I have left.



Love these cups. Thick, sturdy, and easy to wash with a Beautiful design. Ordered online arrived safely


Hearty Glass!

These cups are amazing! Love the color and texture!