Carmex Moisturizing External Analgesic Lip Balm, Original, .35 Oz

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Carmex Moisturizing External Analgesic Lip Balm, Original, .35 Oz
MSRP : $29.85

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Carmex Original Moisturizing External Analgesic Lip Balm helps provide relief of the symptom of cold cores and dry chapped lips.
Carmex Moisturizing External Analgesic Lip Balm, Original, .35 Oz


Not as pictured

Photo is deceiving from product received. The picture when ordered was actually a fish bowl marked down from $29. 96, however I only received 1 tube that was taken from a case. No packaging or anything.


There's nothing like this!

I associate Carmex with the best year of my life! I first came across Carmex when I was an exchange student. During cold Minnesota winter it proved to be a true pal! Ever since I came home and for years I've been pestering whoever of my friends was traveling anywhere to bring me a tube, but no luck. The one I had saved and brought home with me served me well and for a very long time. Just few days ago I was browsing shelves in my local market when something yellow caught my attention: it was Carmex tube! It brought tears to my eyes and soooo many memories! It is finally here! Of course, I bought it and I hope it'll, from now on, always be available just down the block from me! :) Thank you for this amazing product!



I first tried this product in the stick version as a gift from an aunt and from then on, it became a necessity in my makeup kit. After I ran out, my local drugstores didn't carry Carmex lip balms so I had to make do with other brands but they couldn't compare to the hydration Carmex provides for my lips. I recently bought the tube version when I went to another mall. Still in love with the formula!


False advertising

Item specifically stated count 12 & only 1 was given.



Not fond of the taste/scent but it does wonders and stays a long time. It helps a lot when I have dry lips and need something to put on fast. :)