Nostalgia, Cotton Candy Party Kit, 21 Oz

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Nostalgia, Cotton Candy Party Kit, 21 Oz
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For a fluffy and colorful treat, get the Nostalgia Electrics FCK-800 Flossing Sugar Cotton Candy Kit. It's meant to be used with Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Makers, and adds a whimsical touch to any gathering, from a kid's birthday to a family reunion. Imagine the smiles of surprise and enjoyment when you quickly make a special creation with the Nostalgia Electrics flossing sugar cotton candy kit. It's fun to use, and you'll end up with the cone you want each time. The cotton candy refill kit comes with three 7-oz jars of flossing sugar, in Pink Vanilla, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry. The names of the flavors sound yummy and will get everyone excited to have a taste. The kit comes with four plastic, reusable colored cones in different colors and 10 plastic bags with twist ties and makes about 42 delicious servings.

Nostalgia FCK800 Cotton Candy Party Kit:
  • Makes up to 42 cotton candy cones
  • One 7 oz jar of pink vanilla flavor cotton candy sugar
  • One 7 oz jar of blue raspberry flavor cotton candy sugar
  • One 7 oz jar of strawberry flavor cotton candy sugar
  • Includes 4 reusable color cones and 10 clear plastic bags and ties
  • No known allergens


Kind of small bottles

The bottles that came were rather small. We have found that regular sugar mixed with drink mix spins out very well and is much cheaper.


Fluffy cotton candy-needs very hot machine

We first used the hard candy to make the cotton candy in the Nostalgia machine. Sometimes it worked and other times it didn't come out fluffy (grass like). But, it made very little, which disappointed my daughter...We bought this to see if the powder would work better. It definitely does!! At first, we didn't think it worked because nothing happened when we put the sugar in. We had warmed the machine up for about 5 minutes before adding the sugar. Apparently it needs to be hotter because we just left it on and waited and a few minutes later the cotton candy started forming. It came out nice and fluffy and made way more than the hard candy. I would definitely recommend using this sugar kit. Just make sure you heat the machine enough, and wait a few minutes after pouring in the sugar if it doesn't work.


Fine Product, but not Necessary

I used this flossing sugar along with the Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Maker. That product advertises that it works with flossing sugar and hard candy, so I experimented with a variety of hard candies (lifesavers, dum dum pops, candy canes), granulated and fine granulated sugar too. What I found was that some of the flossing sugars work well, but no better than hard candies (especially lifesavers!). Also, the "fun factor" is much greater turning a hard candy into a uniquely flavored cotton candy treat. It's expected that the flossing sugar will make a more consistent or better product, and there's some truth in that, but not all flavors make good cotton candy and I didn't like the taste of some flavors (nor did my 7yr old). So I'd suggest that the flossing sugar is a good starter kit, and a good standby to have in the house, so buying a pack isn't a waste of money ---- but it's not what I mostly use to make cotton candy.


Love this flossing sugar

Bought this flossing sugar to go with the nostalgia cotton candy maker. The flossing sugar was so easy to use and tasted just like I purchased the cotton candy from the state fair. The texture was the same as well as my daughter and I pulled it off the stick. Delicious. Love love love. Looking forward to trying more nostalgia products.


cannot be used with hard candy -cotton candy maker

I was really looking forward to getting this, but it doesn't work with the Nostalgia hard candy cotton candy maker. :( it won't melt at all and gets completely stuck in the tiny crease in the inside of the melting tray/spinner. Very disappointed :((( I had read in other reviews that granular type sugar like this could be used in the Nostalgia hard candy maker, but NOT true!!!! Even though the machine comes with a scoop for sugar in the original box!