Nice Stretch 90 w/ice Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Men - 10 + ; Women 9 +

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Nice Stretch 90 w/ice Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Men - 10 + ;  Women 9 +
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Nice Stretch 90 w/ice Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Men - 10 + ; Women 9 +; Features fixed angle support, rigid, low profile design, non-skid treads and removable ice pack and toe lift.
  • Effective treatment for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and heel pain
  • Night splint allows for comfortable dorsiflexon
  • Fixed, angle support
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Rigid, low profile design
  • Non skid treads
  • Removable cold therapy pack allows you to treat the area with cold therapy
  • Removable toe lift provides an additional 5 degrees of lift
  • Improves comfort of first steps in the morning and aids in healing of plantar fasciitis


Very good night splint.

Within one week I had very little pain in the morning. I have now been using this night splint for three weeks and, gradually, I am seeing a serious improvement in my plantar fasciitis. Along with stretching, this product is working very well. Comfortable to sleep in also.


Very effective relief for plantar fasciitis

After trying ice, exercise, various orthotics, special shoes, and chiropractic adjustments which all gave temporary pain relief, this product provided the most significant relief. After months of mornings with sharp heel pain, the very first night using this splint resulted in a pain-free morning. Although somewhat awkward to wear while sleeping, it was actually fairly comfortable.


Great night splint for heel pain!

I got this from self diagnosing the need for one for my plantar faciitis. I found it on several websites, but Walmart's was by by far the best value. Then I could not believe that the shipping was only $0.97...and it arrived a couple of days later. It has really been helpful to the healing process. It is easy to put on and off for bed or just watching TV. It is not that hard to walk with for short to the refrigerator for a snack! I have only used the ice pack once. At first it seemed too small, but it lasted about the 15 minutes recommended by doctors, then was not an impediment to leaving it in the boot. Highly recommend this product!


Provides the slight stretching necessary

I wear a size 9.5 women. I ordered both large and medium night splint and both fit although the large has a less snug fit which I find more comfortable. Yes I have notice a hugh difference wearing these. I no longer wake with violent foot pain.


Good product, comfortable and works.

Have been using "the boot" for a couple of weeks. A good product and the thin ice pack works great to ice the heel and foot. Even comfortable to sleep in. Very pleased I did not buy the similar product from the podiatrist for $240!