Sunbeam Rotating Dial Scale (SAB700)

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Sunbeam Rotating Dial Scale (SAB700)
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Sale : $5.82
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With the Sunbeam Rotating Dial Bathroom Scale, you get the tools you need, and it doesn't take up space. This model has a compact footprint, making it ideal for small bathrooms. The Sunbeam bathroom scale features a classic dial in black and white that is easy to read. This weight scale has a 4.5" rotating dial that is easily visible for an accurate display. It comes in a white design, making it suitable to match most bathroom decor themes. The scale measures up to 300 lbs in 1-lb increments, so it is ideal for weight watching.

  • Rotating dial scale measures weight up to 300 lbs. in 1 lb. increments
  • 4.5-in. dial shows weight measurements clearly
  • 9.8-in. by 9.8-in. platform offers ample standing room
  • Compact footprint ideal for use in bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Clean look with white finish


Works Fine For Me

I just got this scale last week after visiting my doctor. Since I had just been weighed during my dr. visit, I figured I'd be able to correctly judge how accurate this scale is. Unlike other reviewers who had problems with false weights, this scale always gives me an accurate reading that is consistent. I even weigh myself three times in a row and it tells me the exact same weight each time. I was reluctant to buy this scale at first because it's so cheap and the reviews werent so great, but its actually not a bad scale for such a low price. However, if you have feet bigger than a size 10, it may be too small for you.



don't waste money on this, it simply does not work, when i use it it shows me (and everyone who has tried suing it) a weight with about a 30 (sometimes 20, sometimes 10) pounds difference from my actual weight, completely useless!



I really wanted a digital scale, but they were 3x the cost of this scale. I am glad I went with it. The scale is accurate, and seeing the lines to determine your weight isn't hard. Plus, batteries won't ever have to be changed.


Doesn't Ever Reach Zero

Perhaps the first time I stepped on the scale it was set to zero afterward it was always OFF. Would go to zero only when you apply weight to it, all of your weight! Just doesn't work, get a better scale.


Basic scale for the price

I got this for under ten so it's a good value. It is a basic bare minimum feature type of scale that can only sensitive to increments of 1 pound. I had to do a lot of adjusting at first to get the needle to stay at 0 lb. I had to step on the scale, then off, adjust to 0, step on the scale again, step off, adjust to 0 again, repeat 5 more rounds before it was finally giving me a consistent weight. Now it seems to be doing just fine. The numbers are kinda small so you cannot quickly read your weight, that's another drawback. But this is very good for weighing luggage.