Alvin 36" Aluminum Graduated T-Square

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Alvin 36" Aluminum Graduated T-Square
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Alvin 36" Aluminum Graduated T-Square, aluminum blade is 1½” wide x 1.6mm thick with a high-impact ABS molded head. Graduated in 16ths on both sides. Head is 9” wide and graduated in 1/16ths in white for high contrast visibility. Precision made for accuracy and longevity. 36" length.
  • High-impact ABS molded head
  • Precision made for accuracy and longevity
  • 36" length


oh sooooo happy!

We are a large homeschooling family, and put pencil sharpeners to good use! We've been unable to find an electric pencil sharpener that would last more than 3 months, no matter how top of the line we purchased. The issue was a major frustration to say the least! We even tried to go with the push lead auto pencils for awhile - those didn't go over so great either! After 10 years of homeschooling, we finally had a, "Duh!" moment, and decided to look online for a manual sharpener! They're not sold in stores these days that we've been able to find "0) This little sharpener was a great price with good reviews, a no brainer. We ordered site to store, and the item arrived at the store the next day! Our DD sharpened our entire (HUGE) collection of colored pencils for over half an hour until she got a blister - who knew a manual pencil sharpener could be so much fun, ha ha! It's a nice solid, well built tool and works great! Lovely, lovely sharp points "0) Can't believe I'm gushing over a pencil sharpener, but it's just a lifesaver around here. Plus it brings me back to my own grade school days - waiting in line to sharpen a pencil! If your're thinking about the purchase, do it. Sincerely, relieved homeschool mom~


Old School Pencil Sharpener

I had no idea that these pencil sharpeners were not the the norm anymore. Everyone is using a electrical one or those really cheap hand held ones at my sons school, and at home. I bought this as I was sick of all the broken pencils the handheld ones creates, and to be honest I have not been disappointed. This is just like the ones I would use in grade school over 30 years ago. I recommend this to anyone that wants a great pencil sharpener for around $10. The install was easy, I mounted the sharpener in my garage so the pencil shavings would not get in the house. I have a 9 and 6 years olds and both can use it with ease. Love it!



this is a must for any family with school age kids woohoo no more searching for a sarpend pencil or a teeny tiny hand sharpener, this mounts right to the wall, it is very easy to clean and use


Good Value and quality for the money.

I am a teacher and after going through a lot of electric pencil sharpeners rather quickly I decided to buy this one. So far it is performing well - gives a nice sharp point on the pencils without much effort. My only criticism is that it was a little tricky for me to install. In order to get the screws to go in I had to remove the handle. Not very difficult but still you would think they could design it to make for an easier installation. All in all I'm very satisfied and think it will outlast the electric sharpeners.


Old School Pencil Sharpner

Works great; went through a few electric and table-top manual sharpeners when I finally decided to go with the old fashioned type.