Casio Men's Digital Sport Watch With Time Zone Display, Resin Band

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Casio Men's Digital Sport Watch With Time Zone Display, Resin Band
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Keep track of the time with the attractive multi-function Casio Men's Digital Sport Watch. This modern timepiece features a black dial that allows you to see time in both analog and digital formats. Suitable for both casual or work attire, it offers numerous exciting features, such as a large digital face, five alarm settings and a calendar. In addition to being practical, this Casio digital sport watch is eye-catching. For the serious athlete in you, its wide face features a stopwatch and countdown timer so you can time your runs, bike times or laps accurately. Additionally, this men's sport watch is water resistant and can go as deep as 100 meters. It has a world map time zone display that tells you the exact time in many cities across the world. The band is crafted from resin, ensuring extended durability. With its attractive appearance and abundance of useful functions, the Casio Men's Digital Sport Watch is an excellent choice.
Casio Men's Digital Sport Watch:
  • Large dial
  • 5 alarms
  • World time
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • World map time zone display
  • Calendar
  • Case: silver-tone resin
  • Dial: Black with digital and analog display
  • Band: resin
  • 10-year battery
  • Water resistant to 100m

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Interesting watch, but ...

When my Casio 30 Databank watch gave out after about four years, I looked around for a replacement that would also give me multiple alarms and a countdown timer. The Digital Sport watch has those features so I bought it. I don't really need world time zones, but as is often the case with a multifunction digital watch, sometimes one accepts features one doesn't need in order to get the features one wants. I also found the small map and analog clock displays to be kind of gimmicky. But I was willing to live with this. The deal-breaker for me is that I have a moderate hearing loss and I can't hear the alarm; it's much quieter than the one on my previous watch. So I've found my old friend the Casio 30 online at Walmart, and as soon as I receive it, the Digital Sport is going back. But for those who have pretty good hearing and want to know what time it is in Paris, Bangkok, etc. (the manual says you get 43 cities worldwide) this is a very capable watch at a low price.


For under $20...Nothing Better

Excellent quality, lightweight on wrist..comfortable strap should fit up to 81/2' wrist no problem. Intuitive without reading the manual - or download PDF from Casio website for module 3198 - to really enjoy all the features. The backlight is adequate and not a reason not to purchase this watch. With a 10 year battery and 5 alarms/signal/world time 48 cities/Home Time + 3 local times/countown timer/Chronograph/signal/map of world/a digital hand analog display which is pretty cool...I would highly recommend this watch to anyone who wants a beater that is also highly functional with a HIGH cool factor. BTW the auto display feature allows the Home time and your three other selected "local" times to display in a repeat fashion should you select this feature. WR to 100 meters = 328.08399 feet


Watch would not set, returned for refund

I bought this watch with high expectations and paid extra for shipping. I have ordered through Walmart previously and was pretty happy, this time it was a mess! Ordered item and the feedback from the account was "processing" 5 days after it was ordered. 2 days later it is marked "delivered"... never was there a "shipped". It arrived and I saw it was bit complicated, but I design things and testers for a living. Could not get watch to set on local time... Read the manual, did exactly as instructed. I had figured out correctly most of it myself without the manual, but kept pushing button A and would not flash so time could NOT be set. Tried holding the other buttons--nothing! Try several other possible combinations... nothing! On another on-line retailer, I read a review of a man who recieved this watch (wtih stainless steel band) and he could not get the watch to set etither. Casio usually makes quality products, but this on may be that occasson 'dud". I retunred the watch for a refund. Going to try another model.


Overall Good Buy

This watch is really a good value for your dollar. It has a ten year battery to start with. It's easy to see, and to switch between cities for the time. I am very pleased with the purchase and the speed with which it was delivered.


Good features, weak alarm

This watch has most of the features I was looking for but I was mainly interested in the countdown timer, alarms, and 100m water resistance since I use the watch for my work, which includes keeping a certain pace (hence, the countdown timer and alarms to keep me on time) and the use of water (which is why good water resistance is needed). I returned it because the countdown timer and alarms are very weak in volume. If I have my arm at my side and the alarm sounds, I don't hear it, which negates the reason for having an alarm or timer. So, I returned it to the store and tried another watch, the same model, which was in stock. A little bit better in alarm volume, but nevertheless, still too low in volume. The volume is nowhere near the volume of the Casio AE-20W that I have been using for decades. So, I got a refund. If Casio would make the alarms loud in volume, I would definitely buy one.