Casio Mens Casual Ana-Digi Gold Dial Sports Watch, Black Resin Strap

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Casio Mens Casual Ana-Digi Gold Dial Sports Watch, Black Resin Strap
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This Casio Men's Classic Digital Watch gives you a classic watch design with modern reliability. The features of the black Casio men's watch include a micro light for telling time in the dark, a stopwatch for timing events and an alarm to help you be punctual. This Casio digital watch also features a calendar display to let you know the date and the day of the week. The watch attaches securely and comfortably to your wrist with its resin band and buckle clasp. This Casio digital watch is also water resistant and boasts a lengthy battery life of approximately seven years.

Casio Men's Classic Digital Watch, Black:

  • Micro light
  • Stopwatch
  • Alarm
  • 12-hour or 24-hour format
  • Automatic calendar
  • Black dial with digital display
  • Resin band
  • Buckle clasp
  • Accurate to +/- 30 seconds per month
  • Water resistant
  • Case dimensions: 38.2mm x 35.2mm x 8.5mm
  • Approximate battery life: 7 years


Grown up watch

So I'm 19 and figured it was time for a watch that wasn't bright orange and has a strobe light for work, but I got much more. I now where this watch all the time, its so comfortable, even when i sleep which is weird for me cause i cant even sleep with a shirt. This is a great watch I see why it's one of casios best sellers. It has slim profile and is easy to use. I trust its water resistance now and I've heard of folks who submerge it but I'm a bit scared for that. My only real complaints are the light is a tad dim but gets the job done and this is defidently a disposable watch. I opened it up and I think it be quite a struggle to change the battery meaning you're suppose to throw it out and get a new one. But hey for 11 dollars that's still not bad and I bet you could change it if you really tried. If you're in need of something that will actually be there for you and hold up the casio f91w will defidently make a worthy companion.


Great Value, Just One Major Weakness

The timepiece works just great. It's accurate, has day and date, alarm, stopwatch, chime, and a weak light. And the battery lasts for 4+ years of regular use at least, rated for 7. It has only one major weakness and it's the resin band. After a few years of repeated use, and pressures applied to about the same points, it tears. It's not too hard to replace though. I replaced mine with leather ones from other broken watches and it looks even better now. Overall, it's the best value out there for this price.


Great Value, Just One Major Weakness

This watch replaced an almost identical Casio which I purchased in 1983 (yes 29 years ago), and unfortunately dropped and broke. That watch had been worn while cutting down acres of trees, years of wood-splitting by hand with a maul, and a lot of car maintenance jobs- oil changes, brake jobs, exhaust replacements, bodywork... If that Casio survived all that abuse with only battery changes and broken wristband replacements, then this replacement will last forever. And it was cheaper than the original one. It is just like Timex use to say: takes a good licken and keeps on ticken.


Great watch

I learned years ago that I don't like large watches that catch on everything while working. I've had this same watch with the blue trim for years. It's the perfect size...rather low profile. Love it. Finally wore the band pin hole out on the third band. Have other dress watches that wife makes me wear occasionally after much grumbling. As soon as I get home I switch back to my old favorite. Also, it's seriously waterproof. Been diving many times. Highly recommend.


Excellent Value

I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas to replace one just like it that he'd had for years. The only reason why he needed a new one was because the band finally wore out and broke. The watch itself keeps excellent time and the battery lasts a really long time. It's easy to read the dial and comfortable to wear (according to my bf).