Dove Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo, 5 oz

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Dove Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo, 5 oz
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On days when you don't wash your hair, it can be oily limp & weighed down. Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo's weightless formula cleans and refreshes to transform your hair from lifeless to bouncy. With just a few quick sprays, your hair will be fresh, clean and full of healthy-looking body even when you skip your regular wash.

Dove Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo, 5 oz

  • Dry shampoo leaves hair looking and feeling refreshed without washing
  • Dry shampoo spray absorbs excess oil from hair to revive between washes
  • Volumizing dry shampoo is perfect for days when you're short of time, this weightless formula instantly absorbs oil, cleanses and pumps hair with volume
  • Dove dry shampoo works with just a few quick sprays and brush strokes
  • Dry shampoo spray works to instantly absorb oil and acts as a dry hair treatment
  • Massaging a few sprays of this dry shampoo into the roots is all it takes to take your hair from lifeless to bouncy in moments.


Loved the pick me up it gave my hair!

I was given this product to try and I LOVED it! It instantly made my hair look fuller. I have finer hair and it is dry, so I don't like to wash it daily. However, my hair can lose it's volume quickly. This product is a nice option for me to add volume in between washes. Even better, it's not expensive so I won't think twice about purchasing another bottle when it runs out.


Loved the pick me up it gave my hair!

I love this dry shampoo! It absorbs oil from the hair really well, volumizes my fine limp hair, and smells absolutely amazing. It can leave a little bit of a white cast on the hair if you use too much though. But, overall, this is an amazing product. I have been through several of these and I keep repurchasing this awesome dry shampoo. It does everything I want from a dry shampoo and I really enjoy using it. I definitely recommend this one.


use sparingly

As a retired 32 yr. hairdresser, i must remind people: always wash TWICE....the first shampoo brings grease and dirt to the surface and cats your hair with the icky residue...It's the SECOND shampoo, that rids the scalp and strands of the clinging grease and can dilute shampoo in a separate bottle which makes the liquid penetrate better especially if you have thick if you think you have OILY HAIR, and that's why it's greasy along the hairline and roots, it's most likely from a single application of shampoo! when using the DOVE dry shampoo, clip half of your hair aside, bend over, separate a small section then spray a "small amount" in the root area and QUICKLY USE YOUR FINGERS AND slide it through to the ends... you will eliminate the WHITE powdery residue, and make the can last twice as long. Buy several when they're on sale!


My New Favorite

I had been using the brand "Psst" for years and I didn't think it could get much better than that dry shampoo. Then I happened to order this online because it was cheap and in general, I like Dove products. It's fantastic! I only wash my hair once a week, and this keeps my hair looking healthy and clean. It also gives me A TON of volume that lasts throughout the day (and I have looooong heavy hair). The smell is nice, like raspberries. Also, it won't turn my black hair white with powder. Great stuff, will use forever.


My New Favorite

Smells good and works well. The only thing i don’t like is the buildup i get after spraying and sometimes it leaves white in my hair but other than that it’s a great dry shampoo.