Great Value Economy Paper Plates, 9", 300 Count

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Great Value Economy Paper Plates, 9", 300 Count
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Serve food with ease using Great Value Economy Paper Plates. They're perfect for everyday use or for special occasions. Use these plates at your next barbecue, birthday party, while you're watching the big game, at your next pool party or any get together. They are suitable for barbecue dishes, snacks, dinner, sandwiches, desserts and more. They offer quick and easy disposal and clean-up for when the party is over. This package comes with 300 plates making it easy to stock up. These 9" plates, count are also microwave safe so you can easily re-heat food. Serve up your next meal with Great Value Economy Paper Plates.Great Value products provide families with affordable, high quality grocery and household consumable options. With our wide range of product categories spanning grocery and household consumables, we offer you a variety of products for your family's needs. Our products are conveniently available online and in Walmart stores nationwide, allowing you to stock up and save money at the same time.
Great Value Economy Paper Plates, 9", 300 Count:
  • >Microwave Safe
  • Ideal for everyday use or special occasions
  • Perfect for your next party
  • Great alternative to breakable plates
  • Makes cleaning up easy
  • Holds your favorite foods


How I use these thin paper plates

At this point in time, you get 300 paper plates for less than 6 dollars. They are as stated, paper plates. I buy these on a regular basis because they have a ton of uses. For starters, you can purchase paper plate holders at walmart also, for only a buck or two. By using paper plate holders with these thin paper plates, you'll far better with your food on the plate. I primarily use them for non-cooked food, if you will. Sandwiches and chips. Cake. Pie such as pecan pie or cheesecake. Raw vegetables. Fruit such as sliced apple. I also use them some times as a cover. Cover for food when cooking in the microwave. Ever heat up something saucy in the microwave? They make a great cover for that and you don't have a mess to clean in the microwave nor a cover to wash since you used a toss away paper plate. I also use them as a grease/oil absorber when I cook something such as bacon, I put the paper plate on a real dish plate, to help absorb the grease. There really is many uses for these and at less than .2 cents a plate, they're more than worth having in my house. IF you are planning on serving Christmas dinner on paper plates, these are probably not what you'll want.


inexpensive, lightweight paper plates

These paper plates are fine for very lightweight & dry items only. These do not have any type of coating, so they will soak through quickly. I believe that Sams Club sells a similar lightweight paper plate, but the Sam's one has a light coating to slow down the soak through a little. These paper plates are very thin/flimsy, so if you put something a little heavier than potato chips, you'll need a sturdy plate or basket below it. But for the inexepensive price, it's fine and what you should expect. To separate them easily, "fan" a handful of the stack, otherwise you'll have several plates stuck together. If you need paper plates to hold heavier or more greasy/liquid items or need to cut on the plate with a knife, you'll be better off with the more expensive but heavy duty Dixie or Chinet type paper plates with coating instead of these.


Paper Plates

Hey, they are just paper plates! I use a lot of them and these meet my needs just fine.


good for the money - but a bit thin

They are a little thin so we often have to use 2 at a time for strength and so they don't leak through.


Stick together

I have purchased these paper plates for years, because they came apart easily. I would primarily use them for microwaving, toast, cutting up veges, etc. The last time I purchased them they were not the same plate. They are stuck together like glue and when you finally get them apart they are soooooo thin......Same price, less quality. Not surprised :(