Great Value Pure Cane Sugar, 4 lb

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Great Value Pure Cane Sugar, 4 lb
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Great Value Pure Cane Sugar, 4 lbs:

  • Naturally gluten-free food
  • Gluten-free sugar is granulated
  • Kosher baking sugar
  • Great Value Cane Sugar comes in a 4 lb bag
  • Use to sweeten your beverages
  • Use in your dessert baking such as cookies and pastries
  • 15 calories per serving
  • Adds a little sweetness to your day
  • Sprinkle a little on your cereal in the morning or on fresh cut fruit
  • Nice addition to your coffee or iced tea
  • Ideal for cinnamon toast, canning and preserves
  • Versatile kitchen ingredient
  • Deliciously sweet flavor


Great Value Sugar

I like the price.This is great for baking and my breakfast cereal.


It's sugar.

It's sugar. It's cheap. It's the same as the four dollar bags of sugar.


Much Older Shelf Item Than Store Product

so I decided to place an order online for several packages for volume baking i was planning (I don't drive and so, I was only able to pick up one bag (exp date 2020) in the store to try, and it's labeled as pure can sugar-and worked out very well) This review has to do with the fact that I received a product from the online store that was a year older than what is currently being sold in stores-- The fact that the bags we received were 'over a-year-old' with a DIFFERENT expiration date (exp Jan 2019) than the one purchased in person from the W-store (exp 2020) -- was very unsettling -- And on top of worrying that i would have to take a cab to exchange this year old/stale batch for a fresh batch with current expiration dates --but Walmart customer service was super helpful and assured me that they would re-order the items and double check the expiration date also. So while I was super disappointed I hopefully will receive the order in time to bake for the event as planned and then update on performance of the product. But it's best to buy food items in person only as you can't see the expiration dates online--


It's sugar!

It's sugar. It's great. Consume too much of it and you'll get the diahbeetus.


It's sugar!

The product is great but I am disappointed in WalMart I feed honey bees with it and use to be able buy it in the 25lb but when I went to buy more all they had was the 4lb bag