Great Value 100% Arabica Breakfast Blend Medium Ground Coffee, 0.33 oz, 48 count

By: Great Value

Great Value 100% Arabica Breakfast Blend Medium Ground Coffee, 0.33 oz, 48 count
MSRP : $15.98

Sale : $14.98
Sold & shipped by Walmart
Great Value 100% Arabica Breakfast Blend Medium Ground Coffee is a bright, sweet, and inviting blend that comes in 48 CT single serve coffee pods that are a convenient way to enjoy a quick cup of coffee any time of day. Engaging and nuanced, our coffee emphasizes the bean's natural flavor and vibrant aromatics for a well brewed cup that's right for any occasion. This coffee is perfect on its own or with cream, sugar or flavored syrups. A rich blend of premium quality Arabica beans that are medium roasted to the peak of flavor and aroma, it delivers an enticing flavor accentuated by hint of citrus and lightly toasted nuts. The pack of 48 single serve easy-to-use coffee pods are compatible with all the major brewing systems and are easy to stock up on. Made with 100% Arabica coffee, this premium blend delivers a rich flavor with excellent balance of body and acidity. Give your day a great start with a lighter body and mellow flavors of Great Value 100% Arabica Breakfast Blend Medium Grou
  • Smooth and mellow
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Compatible with pod brewing stations
  • Brews 48 cups



We really do like the GV Breakfast Blend Medium 100% Arabica coffee. The reason I typed the whole name is to state that the new Breakfast Blend Light with citrus flavor is not the same. They have the same sku number on package, but are very different. I GV brands but will have to shop else where to get a quality coffee that I like from now on unless Walmart brings back the medium flavor with out the citrus. I ordered from the website when I could not find the medium in the store, I got the light blend, sent those back and they replaced with 2 of the medium blend, but not the whole order. I took the ones I did not like to the nearest store for a refund, I already had a headache from explaining what I was looking for. Even the store was confused. There was no mecium blen on the shelves, except for the donut shop, and its not the same. Oh well!



It tastes just fine for a nice cup of coffee in the morning, and the price is right for someone on a fixed income. Win/win.


Love it

I have been purchasing the great value k-cups for years. This particular blend (breakfast blend) is my favorite. It has a mild coffee flavor that isn't overly robust. I'm not into 'dark' / 'rich' coffee. I prefer a mild flavor. This does not disappoint. It's very good and more affordable than other brands. I prefer this over many of the name-brand coffees that I've tried. Notable: The great value donut shop blend is also good, but it does have a bolder and more robust coffee. I like both, but prefer breakfast the most.


Product changed

I started buying the Great Value Breakfast blend many months ago and was very happy with it. Tastes good and good price. But, last week I got another box at my local store and opened it up yesterday morning. It is not the same product. The box it comes in is the same but the K cup is different, different color top and the cup seems flimsier . But more important, the taste is not the same. Could be my imagination but I don't think so. Walmart found a cheaper manufacturer to make and package this for them and the coffee is not the same. Try it for yourself, the new K cups have yellow lids instead of orange.


Good taste for great price !

I was a little bit hesitate to buy this coffe , I always buy Starbucks coffe but when my boys and I did the math we decide to try it ... And we love it. We drink coffe often so this is the best price in the market ! I recommend:)