Great Value Donut Shop Ground Coffee Single Serve Cups, Medium Roast, 48 Count

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Great Value Donut Shop Ground Coffee Single Serve Cups, Medium Roast, 48 Count
MSRP : $15.98

Sale : $14.98
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Great Value is partnering with the Keurig brand to bring you the best coffee at a price your wallet will love. Great Value Donut Shop Blend Medium Roast Coffee K-Cup Packs are enjoyable with a sweet treat or simply on their own. Deliciously well-balanced and flavorful, they are the perfect pick-me-up any time of day. Our guarantee is our promise that you’ll be fully satisfied with the taste and quality of every Great Value product. If for any reason you aren’t happy, we’ll replace it or return your money. Whichever you prefer. All you need is the package and the receipt. It’s that simple. Great quality. Great price. Guaranteed.

Great Value Donut Shop Ground Coffee Single Serve Cups, Medium Roasted:
  • Donut Shop ground coffee singe serve cups
  • Made with 100% Arabica beans
  • Medium roasted
  • Bright and balanced
  • Makes 48 cups
  • Net weight 18.4 oz


Great value living up to its name

This coffee is cheaper, the pods work nicely in the keurig coffee maker and it even tastes good


It's good; I mean really good.

This is about the only coffee that I will drink. I love this coffee and I've been hooked on it for the last 5 months. It's the Most Wonderful Coffee I have found yet


Previous Drinker Of The Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

We have tried just about EVERY brand of coffee that was made for the Keurig 2.5 & our favorite became Dunkin' Donuts Original Blend. We had been drinking it for almost a year. But, I decided to look for another brand that was similar to the DD & cheaper. I love the DD brand, the price is just way over priced for just 18 k-cups. I did some research & came across Great Value Donut Shop Blend & I must say it is very close to the DD brand for half the price. Both coffee is 100% Arabica coffee so that most likely is the reason. We also tried the Great Value Breakfast Blend which is also similar to the DD. But, hands down this coffee was our favorite & will continue to buy it. We also love the fact it is sold in larger quantities than the DD brand & have the 48 k-cup count in stock at our local Walmart store. We couldn't be happier that we found an amazing tasting coffee with such a great bargain!!!


So good

I love this coffee! I like it even better than the name brand "Donut Shop" k cups!


Best deal for a great K-cup of coffee anywhere.

Typically a cup of Keurig coffee can average close to a dollar a cup if you're not a shopper. Some can cost $1.35 a cup (Starbucks 60 pack of Morning Blend at $82). If you are a shopper, you can knock that down to about 55 cents a cup if you buy what's on sale or purchase one of those huge multipacks through those super warehouse stores that also charge you a yearly subscription fee of $40 to $60 annually. Here it's simple, $15.98 for 48 cups of a very good K-cup of coffee or 33 cents a cup. If you do the math, are an avid Keurig user, the savings can add up. 2 cups a day, $.66 x's 365 =$240 a year. At 55 cents a cup x 2 x 365 days = $401.00. A $160 savings is not chump change. You could buy ten of these 48 packs with that money saved (tax not included). Something to consider if you like this brand.