Great Value Paper Towels, Split Sheets, 12 Double Rolls

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Great Value Paper Towels, Split Sheets, 12 Double Rolls
Sale : $14.97Sold & shipped by Walmart

Each sheet on the long-lasting Great Value Paper Towel Double Rolls delivers the quality and performance you expect from Great Value paper towels.

Great Value Ultra Strong Paper Towels, Strong & Absorbent, 12 Double Rolls:
  • 12 double rolls, 168 2-Ply sheets per roll
  • Each roll is 11 inches X 6 inches
  • Soft texture
  • 12 double rolls= 24 regular rolls


Expensive for the quality

Price is high considering the quality. I recently (07/27/18) bought 75 charmin rolls at office depot for $55.32 (see receipt in picture attached). Similar quality, although not for my home as it clogged the toilet. House was built in the 60's.


Better than Bounty!

Keeping it 1000% I never did a Walmart review but I searched my email to find the link to do this review! And NO I did not get a discount or received the towels free! I m very picky with toilet paper and paper towels and I give this particular brand 2 thumbs up! It's exactly like bounty mayb better!


Great paper towels!!!

These are just as good as the national brand at a much better price! Love that they are select-a-size!!!


It's as good as Bounty- Need I say more?

We have a Large cat rescue organization and paper towels are simply the best. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


Performs as well as any big-name towels! =)

I have been using Brawny and Amazon's Presto for about seven months (since switching from Bounty which has just become ridiculously expensive). I decided to add Great Value Ultra Strong Paper Towels to my most recent Walmart order just to see if they were any good. At .02 a square foot, they are cheaper than Brawny or Presto, and I am always trying to find ways to reduce my grocery costs! Much to my surprise, the Great Value Ultra Strong is every bit as good as Brawny, Presto, and the very over-priced Bounty! They are identical in appearance to Presto. When I put the Great Value and the Presto side-by-side, I could not find any difference at all. The Great Value Ultra Strong Paper Towels are strong enough for all my cleaning tasks. With a big fur-family of cats and a dog, I have lots of cleaning to do, and I need durable paper towels. These fit the bill. They feel equal in softness, strength, and durability to Bounty, Presto, and Brawny. They are much, much stronger and more absorbent than Scott paper towels, which I tried, but never bought again, due to their lack of quality. I highly recommend the modestly-priced Great Value Ultra Strong Paper Towels for anyone who needs a strong and absorbent paper towel.