Great Value Paper Towels, Split Sheets, 12 Double Rolls

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Great Value Paper Towels, Split Sheets, 12 Double Rolls
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Each sheet on the long-lasting Great Value Paper Towel Double Rolls delivers the quality and performance you expect from Great Value paper towels.

Great Value Ultra Strong Paper Towels, Strong & Absorbent, 12 Double Rolls:
  • 12 double rolls, 168 2-Ply sheets per roll
  • Each roll is 11 inches X 6 inches
  • Soft texture
  • 12 double rolls= 24 regular rolls


Great paper towels!!!

These are just as good as the national brand at a much better price! Love that they are select-a-size!!!


It's as good as Bounty- Need I say more?

We have a Large cat rescue organization and paper towels are simply the best. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


It's as good as Bounty- Need I say more?

I wish I had read the more recent reviews before purchasing these at the store. I have purchased these paper towels for the last couple of years and told friends and family that they were as good as Bounty for far less. That’s no longer the case. They are thin, stiff and cheap. I will no longer be buying these paper towels!


Quality Change of Product

I just opened the package of this product which I have faithfully purchased in the past and discovered that the quality had gone way down. The towels are paper thin. Out of curiosity I went online to check out reviews and discovered I was not alone. As stated by one reviewer the quality of the towels was equal to Bounty in thickness. To be blunt about it the quality now sucks plus now it is more expensive to purchase on line. I will no longer be purchasing this item.


Don't buy this crap!

I came to these reviews to see if others were having the same terrible experience as I was. At least I know I'm not crazy now. Was a faithful purchaser of the great value paper towels for YEARS! Until about February when I noticed as soon as I put the first roll on that something was different. They felt like paper! Crinkly paper. And they didn't rip off correctly EVER! I was hoping it was just a bad batch so I bought a two pack when those ran out. NOPE! Still garbage. Sorry Great Value, I'm going back to Bounty! You did the same thing with your paper plates! Now they're too flat to hold anything. I switched to a different store brand. Stop being so cheap! Did you honestly think we wouldn't notice?? Rude.