Great Value Paper Towels, Split Sheets, 12 Double Rolls

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Great Value Paper Towels, Split Sheets, 12 Double Rolls
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Each sheet on the long-lasting Great Value Paper Towel Double Rolls delivers the quality and performance you expect from Great Value paper towels.

Great Value Ultra Strong Paper Towels, Strong & Absorbent, 12 Double Rolls:
  • 12 double rolls, 168 2-Ply sheets per roll
  • Each roll is 11 inches X 6 inches
  • Soft texture
  • 12 double rolls= 24 regular rolls


Great paper towels!!!

These are just as good as the national brand at a much better price! Love that they are select-a-size!!!


It's as good as Bounty- Need I say more?

We have a Large cat rescue organization and paper towels are simply the best. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


Expensive for the quality

Price is high considering the quality. I recently (07/27/18) bought 75 charmin rolls at office depot for $55.32 (see receipt in picture attached). Similar quality, although not for my home as it clogged the toilet. House was built in the 60's.


Better than Bounty!

Keeping it 1000% I never did a Walmart review but I searched my email to find the link to do this review! And NO I did not get a discount or received the towels free! I m very picky with toilet paper and paper towels and I give this particular brand 2 thumbs up! It's exactly like bounty mayb better!



Have been using this for few years now! The quality was GOOD! I am fan of all GV products but now I will have to think again! Now I guess after capturing some market space they have downgraded the quality to worse!! It would have been better if Walmart increased the price of it, if it was not sustainable. If its a marketing strategy to make more profit by downgrading the product quality after winning customer trust, I would say its a BAD strategy! Bought 12/24 pack as usual this time and the moment I used 1, I knew something was wrong. Its as good as 1 layer although it has 2 layers! Will definitely not buy this again..and will think twice buying any GV product in future! Walmart: I was one of those customers who preferred GV over all other brands without price consideration as I trusted GV. Not anymore!