Parent's Choice Non-GMO Premium Gentle Infant Formula, 33.2 oz

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Parent's Choice Non-GMO Premium Gentle Infant Formula, 33.2 oz
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Take care of your little one with Parent's Choice Gentle Infant Formula. This milk-based powder offers nutrition for a baby's first year. It is for fussiness, gas, crying and is easy to digest. Parent's Choice Neuro Complete formula supports brain development for motor, cognitive, communication and social. It is a good source iron, Vitamin E, protein, calcium and is NON GMO. This infant formula are meant for babies in stage one, through 12 months. This formula is quick and easy to make. All you have to do is add water and shake. Feed your kid with confidence by using Parent's Choice Gentle Infant Formula.Since 1998, Walmart's Parent's Choice has been trusted by parents across the country to provide quality, affordable baby products. We offer a wide range of products including diapers, wipes, toiletries, baby food, formula and baby feeding products. With a quality guarantee to back up all its baby, toddler, infant and newborn products, Parent's Choice takes care of your little one's needs for less.
Parent's Choice Gentle Infant Formula, 33.2 ozNeuro Complete Nutrition for Baby's First YearCompare to the nutrition of Enfamil Gentlease Non-GMOFor fussiness, gas, and cryingMilk-Based PowderGood source iron, Vitamin E, protein, calciumNon GMOGrowth Support for motor, cognitive, communication, and socialABOUT GENTLE® INFANT FORMULAFor Fussiness, Gas & CryingEasy-to-DigestExperts Recommend DHA & CholineNutrients Found in Breast MilkA milk-based infant formula that is nutritionally balanced and has whey-predominant protein that has been partially broken and 1/4 the lactose of a standard milk-based formulaSupports cognitive, social, motor and communication developmentFeatures DHA and Choline which may support brain and eye development


Lid broken upon arrival

I purchased 2 of these online and the lid on one was broken. I will be purchasing this in the store from now on because obviously the packers don't care if something is damaged.


A happy tummy and an AMAZING container. No joke.

Switched from Enfamil Gentle to this out of curiosity (or any other generic, they all seem to be from the same supplier) and have not switched back. The container alone is worth it. Long handled scoop, a slot where the scoop actually stays secure, and a plastic ridge inside to serve as a leveling device. The clowns who make Enfamil need to buy a container of this and take notes. Also, this dissolves readily. There are never any of those yellowish bits on the bottom that don't dissolve--you know what I'm talking about. As far as gas and comfort, in our experience this has been superior to Enfamil. Vastly. With this stuff, he'll pinch a loaf without so much as a peep. This is a baby who used to really fuss due to gas and trouble doing number 2. You've got a customer for life, here.


Didn't Work for Us...

My little guy will be a month old this Friday and he had been on Enfamil Newborn since the hospital. After spending almost $30 every week on a can of Enfamil, I was hoping to find a suitable store brand alternative. This is not it... First of all, I haven't found a store brand formula that is formulated the same as the Enfamil Newborn, but my son had used the Enfamil Gentle Ease without issue, so thats why I gave this one a try. However, this formula seems to give him pretty bad gas and makes him super fussy. He also seems to be hungry more often than before. It seems he won't finish a bottle of this formula. Also, I have noticed that this formula does not mix nearly as well as the Enfamil. We are left with big clumps of unmixed formula stuck in the nipple and smaller clumps floating around in the bottle. I only give this product three stars because of the value. If it works for you and your baby, then its definitely worth every penny. However, we will not be using this again. Very disappointed.



I'm on my second baby with this formula and I still really love it. I used the name brand version with my first and the only real difference I noticed is that this one is less white/more yellow. So if you're really super concerned with spit up turning your baby's clothing a bit yellow, skip this formula and spend the extra money on the expensive name brand. If you can live with some yellow that will come out easily in the wash, save your money and get this. It settled each of my babies stomachs as well as the name brand and dissolved as easily, if not better. With the name brand I had to warm the water for it to fully dissolve - with this, I just use room temperature water. I've served this formula warmed up, at room temperature, and cold to all my babies and have never had a problem in any form. I'd highly recommend this if your baby has gas.


I love Parent's Choice!

Parent's Choice is a great brand!!! They not only stand by their brand they will also refund you 100% if ever you have an issue! I use to use a more expensive name brand formula but after looking into PC's brand I noticed that the formula make-up was the same, and I decided I would try it. After I switched to their formula I tried their baby wipes, and then their diapers...and I found that I LOVE all their products!!!! I have never had an issue with any of their products and am so happy that I am able to buy these products with confidence and knowledge that PC stands behind their products 100%. I am so happy that I can provide all these things to my boys and save a TON of money that my family can use elsewhere. TRY their products!!!! You and your wallet will be very happy that you did!!!!