Parent's Choice Non-GMO Premium Gentle Infant Formula, 33.2 oz

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Parent's Choice Non-GMO Premium Gentle Infant Formula, 33.2 oz
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Parent's Choice Gentle Formula is designed specifically for babies with fussiness, gas, and crying . It offers complete nutrition from the start. This Parent's Choice Infant Formula, VALUE SIZE 33.2 oz, makes approximately 60, 4 oz bottles of formula.

Parent's Choice Gentle Infant Formula, 33.2 oz

  • Neuro Complete Nutrition for Baby's First Year
  • Compare to the nutrition of Enfamil Gentlease Non-GMO
  • For fussiness, gas, and crying
  • Milk-Based Powder
  • Good source iron, Vitamin E, protein, calcium
  • Non GMO
  • Growth Support for motor, cognitive, communication, and social


  • For Fussiness, Gas & Crying
  • Easy-to-Digest
  • Experts Recommend DHA & Choline
  • Nutrients Found in Breast Milk
  • A milk-based infant formula that is nutritionally balanced and has whey-predominant protein that has been partially broken and 1/4 the lactose of a standard milk-based formula
  • Supports cognitive, social, motor and communication development
  • Features DHA and Choline which may support brain and eye development


Lid broken upon arrival

I purchased 2 of these online and the lid on one was broken. I will be purchasing this in the store from now on because obviously the packers don't care if something is damaged.


Didn't Work for Us...

My little guy will be a month old this Friday and he had been on Enfamil Newborn since the hospital. After spending almost $30 every week on a can of Enfamil, I was hoping to find a suitable store brand alternative. This is not it... First of all, I haven't found a store brand formula that is formulated the same as the Enfamil Newborn, but my son had used the Enfamil Gentle Ease without issue, so thats why I gave this one a try. However, this formula seems to give him pretty bad gas and makes him super fussy. He also seems to be hungry more often than before. It seems he won't finish a bottle of this formula. Also, I have noticed that this formula does not mix nearly as well as the Enfamil. We are left with big clumps of unmixed formula stuck in the nipple and smaller clumps floating around in the bottle. I only give this product three stars because of the value. If it works for you and your baby, then its definitely worth every penny. However, we will not be using this again. Very disappointed.



I'm on my second baby with this formula and I still really love it. I used the name brand version with my first and the only real difference I noticed is that this one is less white/more yellow. So if you're really super concerned with spit up turning your baby's clothing a bit yellow, skip this formula and spend the extra money on the expensive name brand. If you can live with some yellow that will come out easily in the wash, save your money and get this. It settled each of my babies stomachs as well as the name brand and dissolved as easily, if not better. With the name brand I had to warm the water for it to fully dissolve - with this, I just use room temperature water. I've served this formula warmed up, at room temperature, and cold to all my babies and have never had a problem in any form. I'd highly recommend this if your baby has gas.


I love Parent's Choice!

Parent's Choice is a great brand!!! They not only stand by their brand they will also refund you 100% if ever you have an issue! I use to use a more expensive name brand formula but after looking into PC's brand I noticed that the formula make-up was the same, and I decided I would try it. After I switched to their formula I tried their baby wipes, and then their diapers...and I found that I LOVE all their products!!!! I have never had an issue with any of their products and am so happy that I am able to buy these products with confidence and knowledge that PC stands behind their products 100%. I am so happy that I can provide all these things to my boys and save a TON of money that my family can use elsewhere. TRY their products!!!! You and your wallet will be very happy that you did!!!!


Bowel Movement Concern

I currently breastfed but I give my little one this product for several reasons. While the products meets her needs and my expectations I'm concerned about her bm's. After feeding her the gentle ease for several days she had a bowel movement(usually it takes her about a week to have one) that was green in color with formula pellets. Being a new mom and having solely breastfed her up until that point I figured it was normal. So I continued to give her this milk along with my milk here and there. Several more days past and she has another bm only this time the pellet size slightly increased to what looked like miniature balls that looked on the verge of bursting. I don't know what was more alarming to see: Her diaper or her having a difficult time relieving herself. When I strictly breastfed her passing a stool was easy for her. She didn't even flinch. While I say this is a good product I would like to know if anyone else had/ has this problem.