Pure Balance Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 30 lb

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Pure Balance Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 30 lb
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Pure Balance Dog Food, Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, believes in one pure and simple thought--the best nutrition for your dog starts with the best ingredients. That's why each one of their super premium recipes contains no corn, wheat or soy and is made with carefully selected ingredients to ensure your dog gets all the nutrition he needs without any of the extra stuff he doesn't. This chicken and rice dog food contains real chicken to help build lean muscle mass in your dog so he can run, jump and play. Peas, carrots and cranberries combined with vitamins and minerals help to support a healthy immune and other vital systems. Natural omega 6 and 3 fatty acids from flaxseed and poultry fat, which is high in linoleic acid, help keep your dog's coat shiny and his skin healthy. The healthy whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal in this pure dog food deliver natural fiber that aids in digestion and proper elimination.



No more Blue Buffalo for us!

I have been feeding my dogs Pure Balance Chicken and Brown Rice for 2 years now. They love it! From my 22 year old Bichon to my 4 month old Maltese. The Bichon used to have severe hot spots and since feeding him the Pure Balance food...no more hot spots. Sometimes for a treat I'll mix the Pure Balance canned Chicken, Vegetables, and Brown Rice food with some of the dry. They love it! Check DogAdvisor and compare your dogs food to the Pure Balance...No more Blue Buffalo for us. When I'm in the store purchasing the Pure Balance, I always mention to the customers how great this dog food has been for us. Many switch at that time. If the dogs are happy and healthy, so is Mom.



Male German Shepherd I recently change my dogs food to this and I have to say this is one of the best food that his been eating! It made his coat look more darker and shinier. Anyways what I like about this product is that is has NO By-Products & NO Corn. This food is also high in protein. Last I always mix this with Pure Balance Can food to make sure he has well balance complete diet. Last this food makes him Hyper! I reccomend you feeding your do this. Heres what I feed my German Shepherd: -Pure Balance Chicken & Brown Rice -Pure Balance Can Food Chicken -Grizzly Salmon Oil(Amazon) -Dog Multivitamins -Colostrum(Recommend by my vet, produce more white cell or called anti bodies to fight off infections and bacteria, this is an Immune system booster)



My rottweiler loves this food. I wanted a grain free food due to allergies and this is an affordable one of excellent quality. She has a nice shiny coat and the food is just as good as the pricier name brands.


Better than Blue and Wilderness

We tried the big names you see on tv, and Pure Balance beats them all. The dogs clean the dish everyday, and have been doing so for 3 years. They eat less- 2 dogs (1)a 95 lb lab/husky/border collie, 2)a 45 lb jack russell/gsd/??) 5 cups a day And the vet said our big boy could stand to lose some weight The quality of the ingredients rivals the big names, but beats them all on price. Our dogs are healthy, they're coats are shiny and soft We tried Blue, we tried Wilderness, and we have healthier dogs and we spend less for them.


We love this food

We have a bullboxer who was diagnosed with demodectic mange when he was 6 months old and severe food allergies. We found Pure Balance and we love it! Not only is his skin starting to clear up, he doesn't itch anymore. He has tons of energy, bright eyes and his hair growing back shiny and soft. Our other dogs are also benefiting from this amazing food. We've tried more expensive foods but some of them caused other issues (gastroenteritis). We never had a problem with pure balance. It is a great food at a great price and I recommend it to everyone I know.