Super Tech Bar and Chain Oil, 1 Gallon

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Super Tech Bar and Chain Oil, 1 Gallon
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The Super Tech Bar and Chain Oil is formulated to protect your chain saw chain and bar with the inclusion of a tackiness agent, which helps keep oil on the chain, even at high-speed operation. Maintain your chainsaw easily with this quality lubricant. This Super Tech oil, 1 gallon, prevents premature chain wear at both low and high temperatures. It is produced to exacting specifications and with a sophisticated formula for better results every time.

Super Tech Bar and Chain Oil, 1 Gallon:

  • Protects your chain saw chain and bar
  • Includes tackiness agent to keep oil on the chain
  • Prevents premature chain wear at low and high temperatures
  • Model# WM38BC4P chain saw oil
  • Makes maintenance easy
  • Reliable choice for even heavy use
  • Super Tech SAE 30 oil for your chainsaw
  • Keep your tool lubricated
  • Ideal to use in all weather conditions
  • 1 gallon


UPC : 078742015835 - Super Tech Bar and Chain Oil, 1 Gallon -

Great oil at a great price. Keep this oil in your inventory.


Buy the Poulan brand

The Super Tech is the same price as the Poulan Brand they sell in store as well. I have used both. BUY THE POULAN brand it is much thicker and you use less.


Inexpensive Bar and Chain Oil

Excellent price for Bar and Chain Oil compared to local hardward stores. Easy to purchase on-line and pick up at the local store.


no red dye please

excellent product for the price! our go to for bar and chain oil. I am slightly dissatisfied with the new red dye the manufacturer decided to change to. before the oil was natural color and you could spill or get on wood and no real harm done. since the dye was added you see every spot that the oil touched and I feel somehow the red color does take away from over time lubrication; like the dye dries somehow. but still a great product and easy to obtain


Good but not like shown on picture.

I am buying this oil for my electrical chain saw and it worked much better than 3 others I tried before BUT this time oil came in different packaging (blue bottle) not like shown on picture and the first impression it became a little bit more "leaking" not so thick as before - pretty much in line with others.