Smokehouse Pet Products Lamb Bone Dog Treat

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Smokehouse Pet Products Lamb Bone Dog Treat
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Our Lamb Bonz are from the Lamb femur bone. We roast them in their own juices to enhance their flavor and color. This bone is perfect for smaller dogs and offer a great alternative to those dogs with sensitivities to beef and pork bones. Dogs just love the real taste of lamb!
Smokehouse Lamb Bone100-percent all natural


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I got this bone for my 1yr old miniature pincher. He LOVES this bone!! I recommend this bone for any small dog that loves to chew!!



Well i thought this bone was going to be bigger then what i got but i guess it's good i gave it to my maltese instead of my rottie so, i guess this bone would be perfect for a medium or small dog. but as far as a big dog.. no, my rot would have had this bone gone in a minute. but overall my maltese likes it and he's one picky little dog so it's good tasting im guessing lol.


Looked Good

Bone cracked into many small pieces, had to take it away from my dog I was afraid she would swallow a sharp shard


Lamb Bone

Not only did my dogs love this bone as well but so did my cats.


Doggy bone

Our puppy loved this but he chewed all the way through it in one night