Smokehouse Pet Products Rib Bone Dog Treat, 12

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Smokehouse Pet Products Rib Bone Dog Treat, 12
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The Smokehouse Beef Rib Bone gives a dog a flavorful and satisfying treat to chew on. It features all-natural beef and provides canine pets with plenty of chewing to keep them occupied while in a crate or at any other time. This beef bone for dogs measures 12" in length and is suitable for a variety of breeds and sizes.

Smokehouse Rib Bone, 12":
  • 100% natural beef for dogs
  • Ideal for chewing


happy puppy

my small dog loved this big bone,he chewed on it for hours the day he got it. now he is on the second fresh one.


Great Dog Treat

I got this for my dog's 1st birthday. Before it was even open she was going nuts. She is a pit-lab mix so she's big and this was the perfect size treat for her. It lasted a long time and she loved it. I'll be buying more soon.


Great Dog Treat

My Dobermans like this bone. Petco sells similar bones for 3 times the price!


Great Dog Treat

My Boxer loves this bone and the 6" is a perfect fit for my MinPin.


Owner of a Chorkie

I bought this for my 2 yr old chorkie. At first she didnt know where to start. Then as the day went on she would lick it, chew on it. Play with it like she always does. But lasted her 2 weeks about which for her and bones is a record. Usually she goes thru the small rawhides in a hour. But she loved this bone lasted her and I also noticed wore her out from chewing on it. All in all I would buy this again and recomend it for owners of small breeds. Again mine is a chorkie ( chiauaha and yorkshire mix)