Coleman 70 qt Xtreme Marine Cooler

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Coleman 70 qt Xtreme Marine Cooler
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Take the new, stylish convenience of this Coleman 70 qt Xtreme Marine Cooler with you on the boat. While your friends revel in the sleek new look, you'll enjoy the added improvements that better fit your lifestyle. Thise redesigned Coleman beverage cooler is now large enough to hold up to 100 cans. As you enjoy that cold beverage, relax on the Have-A-Seat Lid that supports up to 250 lbs. The four molded cup holders on this outdoor cooler help prevent spills and the No Crush Comfort Handles offer up a pinch-free grip on the sides. Inside the cooler's walls, extra ThermOZONE Insulation holds the cold for five days in temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and still performs amazingly on hotter days.

Coleman 70 qt Xtreme Marine Cooler:

  • Holds 100 cans, more than 4 cases of soda
  • Coleman beverage cooler has a updated, stylish outer casing
  • Have-A-Seat Lid supports up to 250 lbs
  • Hinged lid with 4 molded cup holders on this outdoor cooler help prevent spills and keeps drinks close
  • No Crush Comfort Handles for easy, pinch-free carrying
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel hardware
  • Xtreme 5 Technology in the Coleman 70 qt Xtreme Marine Cooler keeps ice up to 5 days in temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • ThermOZONE Insulation contains no CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs, which deplete the ozone
  • UV-color additive helps prevent yellowing and weakening in the case
  • Rustproof, leak-resistant channel for no-tilt draining
  • Designed for a comfortable lid cushion (sold separately)


I Love this ICE BOX!!! Great Buy!!!

Y'all I keep it in the back of my truck with ice cold beverages. I have to resupply the ice once a week in this 90 degree Alabama heat. Nice handles. Drains completely. Stainless Steel hinges. I do want to add a strap to the inside. I just don't want to stress out the hinges too much. But for another $41 bucks I can just get another of these. I'm telling you, I keep it full of beverages and have to get ice only once a week in this 90+ degree heat. NASA probably couldn't build a better cooler. GET YOU ONE!!! Ice in pic is 3 days old.


Great cooler

I use to keep things frozen, which is not quite it is made for, but it works great. Will keep items frozen at least 8 hours in 100 degree temps.


Great, but seam is not

The cooler held ice well for a three day run. I froze a 9x13 plastic storage container with 2" of ice, and put it on top of prechilled beverages. I had 1/2" of ice left after the third day, and no beverages. The hinges are stainless, and the lid can take some weight, but the seam does not look good. Great shipping, great price. I will probably fix this if it gets worse.


Great cooler for the money

Just got back from a week on the Snake River in 90 + degree temps. I started with 3 blocks in it on Sun. morning and one week later on Sunday evening all 3 blocks were still at least half there. This replaced a 10 or 15 year old Igloo 70 quart that was still in good shape. I generally had to add 3-4 bags of crushed every day to keep things cold with the old cooler. The new one only required crushed added about 4 times which was overkill as I still had plenty of crushed left in addition to the block. It didn't really have much water in the bottom until Tuesday when I drained for the first time. The remaining blocks were big enough to save in the freezer for the next time. Even on Wed. and Thursday it was so cold that crushed ice still was stuck together. I don't know how they made it work and didn't expect such a difference from the old cooler. I have already recommended it.


Great cooler

Bought cooler for under $50 from walmart. Was considering spending over $200 on the ozark trail cooler in similar size. Saw comparing on youtube and decided to buy this cooler since there was not much difference in ice retention per the youtube test. best cooler I have ever own. I'm glad I didn't spend over $200 on a cooler. Used it on a fishing trip for a day. Placed about 3 or 4 pound of ice from my freezer and had pre chilled drinks in there (24 can case of soda and some waters) and at the end of the day about 70 percent of the ice were still there. Outside temperature was around 80 degrees during the day. I highly recommend this cooler!