Coleman Xtreme 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler

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Coleman Xtreme 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler
MSRP : $32.23

Sale : $29.82
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Coleman Xtreme 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler:
  • Keeps ice up to 5 days at temperatures up to 90 degrees
  • Holds 84 cans
  • Retractable, telescoping handle holds stacked coolers in place
  • Interlocking base and lid
  • Lid has four cup holders
  • Large, durable wheels
  • Rustproof, leak resistant channel drain
  • Made with environmentally friendly Thermozone insulation
  • Color: red

Coleman Xtreme 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler:

  • Keeps ice cold for up to 5 days at temperatures up to 90 degrees
  • Blue cooler holds 84 cans
  • Retractable, telescoping handle holds stacked coolers in place
  • Interlocking base and lid
  • Lid has 4 cup holders
  • Large, durable wheels
  • Rustproof, leak-resistant channel drain
  • Made with environmentally-friendly Thermozone insulation


Awesome New Cooler for 2013

Found this cooler at my local store and it was love at first sight. It seems to be working perfectly. Ive only had it for 3 days but once I got it home I loaded it about halfway with water, a couple trays of ice cubes and (2) one gallon Gatorade container frozen solid ice blocks, and the water is still ice cold with the Gatorade blocks being about half frozen still. Pretty good considering there's a ton of air space in the cooler and the temps in my garage have been hitting the 80's and 90's the last few days. No leaking at all. Decently comfortable to sit on for a good amount of time and there's no issues with the handle or wheels, so far they're sturdy enough to get the job done. If you drive a Silverado Classic the height doesnt go past the top of the bed which is one of the reasons I got this size as I plan to get a tonneau cover sometime soon. Happy camping, partying & tailgating!


Excellent cooler for a 3-4 day camping trip

I purchased this cooler for a 3 day camping trip at a campsite with very limited facilities. No running water to be specific. I couldn't be more pleased with its performance. Instead of traditional bags of ice, I just froze a bunch of drinking water in plastic bottles. As it melted, I used it as drinking water. Half of them still had ice in them long after I got home. The drain plug is in a great spot for good drainage. The wheels make it very easy to tote around even on gravel, sand, and loose soil. The telescoping handle is great, but a little on the flimsy side. I wouldn't man-handle it too much. Use a little caution and it should be fine. The cooler itself offers a lot of room and is of good construction. The lid closes securely and doubles as a seat with cup holders. For the price, you really can't find a better cooler. If you pack it properly and treat it with a small amount of care, it will keep items cold for up to 4 days and should hold up to many uses. This cooler would be incredible as a day use picnic, party, or tailgating item. It really holds the cold. Just remember, it's up to the user to pack it correctly.


Best bang for the buck

There are cheap coolers that keep ice for a while, and there are stupidly expensive coolers (yeti, frigid rigid, engel, icy tek) that cost a few hundred dollars but keep ice for a week. The Coleman 50 quart Xtreme wheeled cooler will hold ice for ALMOST a week, so it's in the same realm as coolers costing 10 times as much. It won't beat those really expensive coolers, but it will be in the same ballpark for ice retention. It's isn't built as well as them (gasket lid, stainless hardware, etc) but having a regular hinge is much better than My previous wheeled cooler had the wheels going the other way, (both on the narrow side) so you had to lift it by the handle to pull it along. This one simply tilts, so you don't need to be partially lifting the cooler to drag it along. Also, my old cooler barely made it through a day. Using the same cooler tactics that I did before (ice it down ahead of time, only put cold food/beverages in it, keep it full, minimize number of times you open it, make sure lid is closed, don't drain melted water) I can keep ice for a few days now. It's the only $30 cooler that can keep up with the $300 ones. It can't beat them, but it's $30!


be cautious

I bought this cooler and did not think to check that the drainage plug worked correctly until I was about to use it! The drainage plug had been flipped up and trapped beneath the wheels. The wheels easily popped off to release the plug, but the plug was deformed and no longer worked. Clearly, quality control in manufacturing missed this defect. Returning the cooler and replacing it was not a problem and was handled very well by a different Walmart than where I had purchased it. Consistent with what other reviewers have said, the cooler did not keep food chilled for 5 days (as advertised), but it did a good job for 3 days. It also did not perform well with frozen ice packs and a small amount of cold food (considerably less than 50 qts).



I bought this cooler because of the name & the extreme line that I've enjoyed from Coleman over the years. I knew the cooler was not insulated but figured it was Coleman, they know what they're doing. Not this time. The cooler was outside all night so it would start off cold (temps around 50 degrees). I packed it full of ice, cold beverages and cold food. We took the cooler for a 2 hour ride to tailgate in Pittsburgh. Temps were about 60-65. Cooler was in the back of the SUV. When I got to the lot I noticed there was a ton of water in the bottom already. After tailgating about 3 hours I went to place the cooler back in the car & noted that it sloshed quite a bit. I lost over half my ice & when I opened the drain there were several gallons of water on the ground. I believe the disposable foam coolers do a better job because THEY ARE INSULATED. I would rate this lower if I could. Worst Coleman product I've owned. Might be the last.