Coleman 5-Gallon Team Cooler

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Coleman 5-Gallon Team Cooler
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This stylish yet functional Coleman 5-Gallon Team Cooler stores and dispenses refreshing beverages at sports events, parties, when camping or fishing or at family gatherings and is easily carried to any of these activities. This cooler has enough capacity to quench the thirst of a number of people for the duration of many events. The 5-gallon cooler has a removable and dishwasher-safe spout that allows it to be thoroughly cleaned between uses. The fast-flow spout also has a drip-resistant feature to avoid what is often a minor, yet annoying inconvenience. The small handle on the spout operates smoothly, so cups or glasses can be filled quickly and neatly. This orange Coleman cooler is also available in blue. It has a screw top lid for easy filling, emptying and cleaning. The lid seals tightly to keep beverages cool for hours. This screw top cooler has a vibrant exterior that resists staining, fading and scratches and features two handles for ease in portability.

Coleman 5-Gallon Team Cooler:

  • 5-gallon
  • Screw-top lid comes with Coleman cooler
  • Tight lid seal keeps contents colder longer
  • Drip-resistant, removable and dishwasher safe spout
  • Coleman cooler comes in orange and resists dents, scratches and fading
  • Can hold the beverages required to refresh your family
  • 2 handles for convenient portability


Great for Scouting Events

This is a nice beverage cooler. The orange cooler really stands out. There is no mistaking what it is and easily seen from a distance. We just had a overnight camp-out with Scouts this past weekend. We made a batch of "Bug Juice" on Saturday morning. This lasted the entire day also into Sunday morning, both youth and adults drinking from it. Once the juice was made we also emptied a bag of ice into it. The juice was still cold come Sunday morning. One thing to remember though. If people are filling water bottles screw on the cover completely. If you are filling a pitcher unscrew the cover a little bit, it will pour out quicker.



Good idea with removable spout to clean but it leaked. Spout didn't stay tight which led to mess.


Keeps drinks cold :-)

It keeps the drinks cold! I thought it was an excellent value for a name brand cooler. We had ice in the beverage a day or two later. I have seen similar coolers leak from the spout before, but this one did not (which was important when we brought it in house!)


Keeps drinks cold :-)

The Coleman 5-gallon team cooler is perfect for our needs. It's durable, keeps contents hot and the customer service was ideal. Ordered online on Sunday, delivery expected Friday, but received on Wednesday!


Nozzle is leaky/not same as picture

I purchased 4 of these jugs to replace my much older water jugs that were over 8+ yrs old. My older ones were in working condition, but just faded out and a bit of an "eye sore". After two weeks of moderate use from kids and adults, one of the jugs started to leak out of the nozzle. The nozzles seems very cheap. It looks much different than the one pictured. They sent me a nozzle that you pull, not the button type pictured in the ad. Although the price is much lower than industrial water coolers, I now know you pay for what you get. I will be investing more money in water jugs that are more for industrial use (like my older ones that have held up for years).