Coleman 5-Gallon Water Carrier, Blue

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Coleman 5-Gallon Water Carrier, Blue
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Keep your water cold and refreshing in style with this Coleman Water Carrier. The Coleman water cooler holds 5 gallons. The 5-Gallon Water Carrier, Blue has a molded handle for stability and an on/off spigot for water control. The Coleman Water Carrier features a tough polyethylene construction, making it scratch- and impact-resistant. It is also well-suited for use at outdoor activities like baseball games, picnics and more.

  • Large jug holds up to 5 gallons of water
  • Easy-to-use spigot lets you conveniently fill up your drink
  • Ideal for drinking, cooking, and cleaning at the campsite
  • Molded handle for convenient carrying and lifting


New to Coleman

First I wanted a collapsible container but many of Colemans weak so I went with the hard plastic. Best thing I can say about this is that its not thin plastic, the spout is cheesy but very functional. The spout can be inverted when not in use to protect it during storage. When in use with the vent cap open, it allow s a steady controlled stream without wasting water all over the place. If you leave the vent close the stream is just enough to allow you to drink from it like a water fountain which is nice if you have a pet or lazy kids. Naturally once you fill it, its heavy. Guys don't leave this to your wife or kids to fill or carry. Its rugged enough that it stood up to 3 racoon attacks without be dragged away, dent, or punctured. Recommend you clean with baking soda to keep plastic smell out during storage


Love this blue

I already do have 12 of them. I use then to bring mineral water and keep the water till I need to use it. I worried if water will be safe and will not burst up. It is safe. Container became as balloon, almost round but water stay in place. I close the vent by scotch to prevent vent from opening due transportation and very high gas inside, it is mineral water with carbon dioxide. Yes, it let some water to leak when we place it on the kitchen and open to be used but I do not mind. It is very small amount in the beginning and next day it is safe. Also maybe I do not use it correctly. There is ring inside the lead, very easy to lost. Be very careful with this ring. It is wight as lead and it took me long time to realize it exist. Very small and tiny. I think it would be better if they did it in red color that it will be easy to see. Price cannot find better. There were no any leak in car due transportation from Saratoga to NYC. I am very happy I did find what I need.


Hard to find good help nowaday !

Great quality ! The problem is that it took two (2) trips to the Walmart store to receive one (1) undamaged Water Carrier. This first one had one side totally bashed in.



This water jug is of high quality and the square base prevents tipping over.


Sturdy, looks good

I will be using this for long-term water storage. I have already rinsed in and put in a 50/50 mixture of Rubbing Alcohol and water -swished it all around, emptied it then turned it over to dry. (some people use bleach/water but I have found that a mixture of rubbing alcohol is great for sanitizing my kitchen cabinets, etc. (got that information from a doctor -they usually use 100% rubbing alcohol though for their instruments, chairs, cabinets, etc.) I will be filling this up with water and adding a Water Treatment because I do not want to have to empty & replace the water every month or so. I put a 4 star because it would be nice if the water spout could be turned over to the inside but I will just cover with a bag because I do not want dust, etc. getting all over it.