Malibu Tan Hemp Golden Glow Skin Firming Bronzing Moisturizer, 18 fl oz

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Malibu Tan Hemp Golden Glow Skin Firming Bronzing Moisturizer, 18 fl oz
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With Malibu Tan Hemp Golden Glow Skin Firming Bronzing Moisturizer you can enjoy a healthy glow. This product will help you achieve toned skin year-round. Formulated with a pinch of DHA, your skin receives a kiss of color which will subtly deepen over about a week of use. This item is designed to give the user a natural, soft tone to the complection. This hemp bronzing moisturizer comes in an 18-fl-oz size.

Product Features
  • Professional skin care
  • Contains no mineral oil to clog pores!
  • No animal testing

Pump - Recyclable

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Best indoor & outdoor tanner ever!

I used to be a sunworshipper when I was younger and sunbathed daily with numerous tanning oil and lotions. Since turning 60 a few years ago, I realized I should lessen my time in the sun so I decided to buy a tanner that I could use indoors as well as outdoors. When I bought this at Walmart, I assumed it was just like any other tanner. Boy, was I surprised with the results. Not only does it feel great on my older drier skin, it smells nice, is easy to apply, reasonably priced, and gives my skin a beautiful golden tan unlike any other product I've ever used. It also lasts thru several showers or tub baths before completely fading away so u don't have to apply it daily. If u tan outdoors, this will allow your tan to blend evenly without white patches that the sun missed. I only use it during the summer months and even though the bottle I have is three years old, it is as good as it was when I bought it. Outstanding!


Love it

I waited till I used it all up before making a review; 2 months of face-to-feet use twice a day. This is a white lotion, so no tinted cheat. It has a nice creamy feel that doesn't feel greasy. If you feel greasiness it's because you didn't rub it in; pamper yourself and really massage it in, that's the only way you'll see firming also. It has a nice, soft floral scent that my husband loves. I'm happy it adds a soft, but ultra-feminine scent that blends in with my grapefruit perfume. Does it firm? Yes. My husband saw a difference within a week. My stretch marks are nowhere near as visible and are actually blending in significantly in color. Does it tan? Yes, my face, arms, and legs are several shades darker than my bum and belly (oops). Does it work? My skin is glowing and baby-soft. I've already re-ordered and this product has been permanently added to my beauty arsenal.


I think I’m obsessed!

I honestly just bought this in store on a whim because I’ve been toning up and I’d been wanting something to help firm up some bothersome cellulite spots, the tanner was just a bonus! I’ve only been using it a couple days so I can’t really vouch that it helps with any cellulite but I will say that after every application my skin feels extremely moisturized and so much firmer! And naturally the golden glow I’m getting is distracting me from any cellulite that might be there anyways ;) I am SO happy with the product. This will enhance any tan and be a great go to for a natural summer glow if you are feeling a little on the pale side and want NATURAL looking color! I will say the only ‘‘con’’ is that it smells yummy when you are applying it, like bananas or bubblegum. But after 30 minutes or so the tanner in it takes over and it kind of just reminds me of what any other self tanner smells like, but this doesn’t bother me at all! It’s not nearly as strong or offensive as other tanners. Just figured it would be a good FYI for people who aren’t really a fan :)


Amazing product!!! Buy this!

I'm pale as can be and thanks to tanning outdoors too much, I already have sun damage at 29 years old. So, I've become obsessed with finding ways to add a little glow to my skin that won't further hurt my skin. This is by far the BEST product I have ever used!!! It is a great value (the bottle is huge), the color is more brown than orange, and it doesn't have the typical sunless tanner smell. I don't mind the tropical smell at all! After just two days of using it, my co-workers asked how I got a tan in the middle of winter (told you I'm pale). THANK YOU, Malibu Tan, for this amazing product and for not testing on animals =) This is love at first sight & I highly recommend this product! Just buy it!!!


Amazing product!!! Buy this!

I’ve been using this product for several years. Smells great...”beachy” and combines moisturizer with gradual tanning. Works nice for subtle color on my fair skin.