Compound W-Freeze Off Wart Removal System Maximum Freeze - 8 CT

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Compound W-Freeze Off Wart Removal System Maximum Freeze - 8 CT
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Safely and effectively remove embarrassing warts at home with the Compound W Wart Removal System Freeze Off. Designed to remove plantar and common warts, this plantar wart remover uses freeze therapy to eliminate your wart for good. The Compound W formula works by softening and eliminating wart tissue with salicylic acid, so that your wart is safely and gently removed within two weeks. Plus, the Compound W Wart Removal System Freeze Off is safe to use on adults and children ages four and up.

Compound W-Freeze Off Wart Removal System Maximum Freeze - 8 CT:

  • Package can be used to treat up to 8 warts
  • Max Freeze Precision Tip targets the wart and not the skin.
  • Safe to use on kids age four and up.
  • The easiest over-the-counter way to remove warts.
  • No-drip dispenser
  • Easily and effectively remove warts in as little as one treatment
  • Max freeze precision tip
  • Targets the wart not your skin


Peeling looks horrible

My skin is peeling and looks worse cause of peeling



I bought this product to remove some common warts on my hand, nothing happened. I used it as directed and it didn't work, so then I used it more then directed and it still did nothing. This was a waste of time and money. Try something else, that's what I'm going to do.


Easy to use

Using this product is really simple. Just press down on the canister for 3 seconds as instructed so the tip gets cold and apply the tip to the wart for the appropriate amount of time depending on the size and type of wart. After I stuck it on the wart I felt a small twinge of pain for about a second and that was it. After the time was up it sort of looked like a crater in my skin which almost freaked me out but then a few minutes later it looked like a small blister. After a couple days it turned brown like a scab. Not painful. I'm supposed to wait 2 weeks to see if the wart goes away or if I need to do another treatment. No problem. This is so much easier to use then the brush on treatments. There is enough product in the bottle to do up to 15 treatments which is great. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


it worked well the first time

I used this product on a wart on my finger and it looked like it went away. There was a little mark left behind though. A few months later it came back so I tried the product again. Hopefully it will make it go away permanently this time.


it worked well the first time

Didn't work to remove my small wart.