Mueller Sport Care Night Support Maximum Level Wrist Brace, 1ct

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Mueller Sport Care Night Support Maximum Level Wrist Brace, 1ct
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The Mueller Wrist Brace is intended to help to relieve pain, tingling and numbness associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis and repetitive motion stress or injury. Designed to offer a maximum level of support, this wrist support brace (1 ct) has a unique 360-degree construction that offers rigid stability above and below the wrist. Made with antimicrobial materials, this cushioned sport-care carpal tunnel brace can be worn at night during sleep.



The Best Brace I've ever found, at any Price!

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this product. I have used other braces, like the Futuro Reversible Splint Wrist Brace. The Futuro was $20 as well, offered decent support, but the materials were cheap and the design poor so it basically started to fall apart after about a month. This Mueller brace is well designed, the materials are high quality and tough. This brace has two metal stabilizers both on top and underneath. It adjusts for just the right fit for anyone's needs and I can't believe how well it isolates the wrist, keeping it from moving at all. I sleep through the night and in the morning my wrist is pain free. I'm buying a back-up next month not that this one will ever wear out, but I'm not taking the chance!


Comfort At Last

I purchased 3 of these. I already have one and wanted a second to replace the night time wrist support I've been using for my other hand/wrist. My little sis told me about her hands and I immediately told her she was going to get two of these mailed to her for her birthday. She received them and has been using one until the other wrist/hand begins to bother her. They are durable and offer good cushiony comfort. I wear mine every single night. I highly recommend this brand and style for anyone experiencing pain, numbness, tingling from carpal tunnel syndrome or even mild repetitive motion issues.


Fixed my sleeping problem

I work nights and it is a struggle to sleep during the day, especially with CT on both hands. My wife has it too so I bought 2 pairs. We immediately slept soundly without waking up to the pain of the numbness in our hands. I would recommend this to anyone with CT.


Great product

This wrist brace is very comfortable and exceeded my expectations. It fits very well. I wear it every night and I don't have any problems with it.


Like a pillow for your wrist

This brace is so soft and comfortable. It was recommended that I sleep in this brace for relief from carpel tunnel problems. I was concerned that it would be too bulky and not very comfortable. On the contrary, it feels like a pillow on my wrist. I've worn it for a week now and the overnight swelling and numbness have cleared up. I love that the brace is designed to be worn on either the left or right hand. I highly recommend this product.