Mueller Sport Care Adjustable Knee Moderate Support, One Size, Black, Model 6441

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Mueller Sport Care Adjustable Knee Moderate Support, One Size, Black, Model 6441
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Mueller Sport Care Adjustable Knee Moderate Support, One Size, Black, Model 6441


Second one my husband has purchased like it a lot

Hi, my husband uses this knee support when he doesn'need to use the Mueller knee stabilizer , which is also uses and likes . This support adjusts well and gives he extra support at the knee area in times where he doesn't need the knee stabilizer. He says it's comfortable , gives a good amount of support without any extra hinges etc . He expecially likes the way you can adjust the fit of this one. His knee was badly damaged and after surgery his ACL could not be repaired. The Dr. recommend that he wear a support when doing strenuous activities, working etc. He likes to wear this support when cutting grass, or if he has to be on a ladder for a short period of time, and going for walks. This is the second one he's purchased , the first after years of usage finally work out. Try this one , I think you will like it try the knee stabilizer if your looking for extra support.


Great support and value priced

I purchased two of these knee supports. I use them for Step and Zumba. They give me great support and stability in my knees. I love that they are adjustable because my upper legs are larger than my calves (leg below the knee). I tried pull on supports and they were either too tight on my upper leg or too tight on my leg below the knee. Being adjustable I get a great fit. I love the extra strap that goes around the knees. I would recommend these to everyone.


Very good product

Gives a good amount of support and reduces pain in knee. Affordable, durable, comfortable, does not pinch any area of leg. Highly recommended.


Very good product

i do not like the wide straps, my old knee support has longer, narrower straps to go around the knee which i like much better. this support by the time i get the straps to hold it is much too tight on the knee.


Not as good as it sounds

Size; it runs exceptionally small in size compared to other knee braces I've owned. Comfort; Because of the wrap around velcro straps it makes the brace very uncomfortabe; you can't bend your knee or sit with your knee bent, plus the straps add thickness to the knee brace. Would I recommend this product; no. You know what they say, if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is.