Remington UV-Baked One Pass Ceramic Straightener Flat Iron, S8505

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Remington UV-Baked One Pass Ceramic Straightener Flat Iron, S8505
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Straighten in just one pass with the Remington UV-Baked Ceramic Straightener Flat Iron! The special 1" ceramic plates are infused with UV powder then baked under a UV light to create a strong surface with superior heat conductivity. The plates contain 4x the ceramic and are 40% harder for faster styling and long-lasting styles (vs. standard Remington ceramic straightener). Combined with salon-quality 430degF heat, the UV ceramic provides one-pass straightening while preventing frizz and adding shine. Remington. Hair Straightener. Flat Iron.
Remington UV-Baked Ceramic Straightener:Baked ceramic technology—the ceramic plates are baked under a UV light for improved hardness and heat conductivity; that produces a smooth ceramic surface to prevent frizz and straighten in one pass430degF heat—get professional results with salon high heat that makes one-pass straightening a reality30-second heat up—style almost instantly with the powerful 30-second heat upAuto shutoff—enjoy peace of mind with the 60-minute auto shutoff featureDigital controls—intuitive buttons control the power and temperature, while a backlit LCD screen displays heat levelsSwivel cord—the salon-length swivel cord gives you freedom to comfortably style at any angle“WARNINGCalifornia Residents -- Proposition 65 warning: We are providing the following California Proposition 65 warning for products linked to this page: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. About California Proposition 65: California's Proposition 65 entitles California consumers to special warnings for products that contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm if those products expose consumers to such chemicals above certain threshold levels. We care about our customers' safety and hope that this information helps with your buying decisions.


Very nice qualtiy flat iron!

This Remington UV-Baked Ceramic Straightener, heats up in blazing fast time of about 30 seconds. It has a digital LCD backlit readout with lines across that show each temperature setting. This display blinks until the desired temperature is reached. The floating ceramic plates are very smooth with a special coating applied that is suppose to give faster styling with reduced frizz. I do have some frizz from using a flat iron too much, but when I used this flat iron, that frizz seemed to be less noticeable. I loved the swivel cord reducing the chances of tangling. One really great feature is the locking feature that this flat iron has. No longer do you need to wrap your cord around the unit to close the plates. This makes traveling with this unit much more convenient as well. Since I have short hair, I can use this flat iron to not only straighten but to curl as well. All you need to do to curl is just turn the iron while using to create soft, touchable lasting curls. I really appreciate the fact that this iron will shut off after 60 minutes which is a great safety feature. This is a full size iron and has a nice weight and the pink color is really cute as well. The quality seems pretty good, and I think this iron will last a long time. This would make a great gift also!


Works Great!

The Remington Ceramic flat iron really does what it claims. I was really impressed with the digital LCD display with the temperature bars, it is so easy to read. With my other irons it was more of a guessing game setting the temperature and then getting it too hot and burning my hair; I have very thin hair so the temperature setting is very important to me. The 2nd feature that was impressive was how fast it heats up as well as adjusts to a different temperature while you are using it. Once I had the temperature set I was able to use just one pass to straighten my hair (just as it claims); I even played around with making some curves by just turning the iron towards my head and that too worked good. The one suggestion would be to make the iron plates longer, I found a few times when I put my hair into the iron I put it too low and missed some of the plates. Lastly the hinge lock was nice to use and really did help with it not being so bulky to store. Over all I would give a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars!


It's a great straightener!

I have been a collector of sorts for straighteners for some strange reason so I have quite a few including a CHI. I have to say I compared the CHI and this straightener and they seem exactly the same to me! Well, except a much smaller price tag! What I enjoy about this tool in particular that actually is better than all of the straighteners I have is how nice it fits in my hand! For some reason, the design in the handle just seems to be a tighter fit in my hand. My hair ended up being nice and soft and the tool did not get hot in my hands. It heats up really quick, in just minutes and was able to do my hair in a very short time! One thing I remember reading is about no frizz but my hair is so fine that I experience a little frizz no matter what machine I use. They sell a serum you can buy (I like the CHI products that they already have in Walmart), just a tiny bit smoothed down over your hair when you are done will keep those frizzies at bay! Enjoy your shiny, straight hair!


A great product

It comes in a nice bright pink colour. The plate is 1 inch wide, which makes it conducive to straightening the short hairs at the hairline. It has very practical features that I didn't even know I valued until receiving this product, such as a hinge lock to keep it closed when not in use, a digital display that shows the temperature, swivel cord that facilities better movement while in use. The temperature ranges from a low of 300F to high of 430F. It starts heating quickly & takes very little time to get to the desired setting. I have course, kinky, tightly curled hair that I want to press with this iron, but it is my first flat iron, added to the fact that I am afraid of hot instruments in my head so I used 300F, which did a good job at almost fully straightening my hair, so next time I will try 350-400. All in all it is a great, manageable product that I will use more of in future.


Wonderful with thick hair too!!

My teen aged daughter reviewed this product and here is what she had to say….. I am absolutely in LOVE with this flat iron!! So far I have used 2 inch, so this is the first 1 inch flat iron I’ve owned and I am VERY happy with the results. Starting off with the plates, they’re UV baked ceramic plates, heat up very quickly and have very smooth texture, you feel that when it touches the hair. The temperature is easy to control, all you have to do is press the + button to increase the temperature, and – button to decrease the temperature. There is also a mini screen that shows the temperature. I really liked how in one stroke my hair was perfectly straight, (temp. set @ 360 degrees) considering how thick my hair is. It really saves me lots of time whenever I want to straighten my hair. When I want my hair to be as straight as paper it takes me 5 minutes TOPS, to get my hair ready. Thus, giving me enough time to do anything else I need to get done. Usually when you put an iron through hair there is a slight rough texture on the ends (@ least for me) with this iron my hair feels smooth and soft and pulled down. Last but not least, I like the color of the iron. It really pops and has a pretty violet+ magenta tone. VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)