Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color, Top Coat

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color, Top Coat
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Seal in your nail color with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. This unique product is a leader in revolutionary gel technology that eliminates the need to use a light for drying. It provides up to 14 days of dazzling-looking nails. When it's time for a new color and a fresh coat, the second-step nail top coat is quick and easy to remove without having to soak your nails.


not great

I got this polish because I wanted to try out a gel polish that didn't require the use of uv light. I thought looking at other reviews that it could go either way. Seems people either love this polish or they don't. Unfortunately for me it was the latter of the two. I'm not impressed. The color is just the same as the rest of Sally Hansen nail colors. There's nothing special about it. The coverage wasn't great. After applying two coats I realized I would still need to apply more and ran out of patience at that point. It does get streaky. It doesn't go on smoothly and it feels as though it starts to dry as you're applying it so if you're not applying it quickly you won't get nice even coverage. I was not aware that you needed the top coat for this which is kind of riridiculous to have a nail color that requires additional polish that it doesn't come with. That being said I noticed almost immediate chipping after I washed the dishes following the first time applying it. The wear is like any other polish I've used, doesn't stay long. Overall I'm not really impressed and I don't think it's something I would purchase in the future


Gel Top Coat -

Because I have quite a collection of various brands of nail polish, I thought I would try this gel top coat over a silver polish that was NOT Sally Hansen brand nor was it a gel. The first try was not very successful. I put on one thin coat of the silver polish and waited for about 10 minutes for it dry, then applied the gel top coat. The polish immediately thinned out and pooled around my cuticle. It left the polish looking streaky and see-thru in spots. I tried it again on the other hand with the same silver polish and waited about 45 minutes to dry before adding the gel top coat and I got the same results. The pictures show one nail before the top coat was applied and the same nail (10 minutes later) with the top coat. It dried quickly and looks shiny. I decided to leave the polish as is just to see how long it would last. I left it on for 7 days and I’ve been doing all of my normal activities (laundry, cleaning, shopping, typing, etc.) and there are no chips in the polish. I just removed the polish from both nails with 100% Acetone and it came right off with one wipe. I will definitely try this again with some other brands and colors (and eventually Sally Hansen Gel) and maybe try putting on a thicker coat of base polish. I didn’t test this for the full 14 days, but other than experimenting with the polish itself, getting 7 days out of a manicure is pretty great!


Not Different From Regular Nail Polish

I wanted to try the gel nail polish to see if it lasts as long as it advertise. Unfortunately it does not. I am rough on my hands and wanted a nail polish that would last more than a week. This nail polish did not. I am disappointed but I'm not sure if this is just this brand or all gel brands. On a good note the color is perfect for the fall/winter season. It's great! The name of the color is a little's like a brick red in my opinion.


Better than expected

I received the top coat to try at no charge and thought I could use with any polish but it is a two step item and so I had to go back and buy the colored polish for it. I was a little shocked that Sally Hansen was almost $8 a bottle but I bought it anyway. Wal-mart didn't have alot of color selection and I didn't really like the color I got. Later of course they had restocked and had some nice colors. It says apply two coats of the color then the top coat. It says it lasts 14 days. On me in about three days there was a small wear line at the top of my nails. I had done dishes so I expected worse. It held up better than regular polish. It didn't chip just a wear line is how I would describe it. I then wore it for a week. It held up pretty good for not having to use a light to dry it. I have never used the light so I cannot compare to that. The polish seemed a little soft even after it dried and did take on some indentions but didn't chip. By the end of the week I took it off.


Great Polish - holds up

I've bought this top coat along with two different shades (Hunger Flames & Bare Dare). It definitely holds up longer than typical polish. My first manicure lasted a solid week with no chips. I was on a beach vacation with my kids too, so my hands were exposed to salt water, digging in sand, and scrubbing dishes as there was no dishwasher. It was about a week and a half before my nails really needed a new manicure. The residual polish was easily removed with regular polish remover. I'm on my second use now. I'm just short of a week now and still perfect. My only complaint is that with the lighter shade (bare dare), I had to do three coats of color. But given it dries pretty quick, it wasn't a big deal.