Conair Conair Foot Bath, 1 ea

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Conair Conair Foot Bath, 1 ea
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Relax after a long day of work with the Conair Waterfall Foot Bath. It is designed to massage the tops of your feet and pamper your toes. The bubbles and heat provide relief to the soles of your feet. This massage foot bath comes with three toe-touch controls, which activate either high or low bubbles, a waterfall and lights. This item is durable. This unit also features 2' rollers and dual strips on each side, as well as blue LED lights under the water that reflect, giving you a calming, spa feeling. The heated foot bath with lights includes three pedicure attachments: a pumice stone, a scrub brush and a soft-touch massager.

Conair Waterfall Foot Bath with Lights, Bubbles and Heat:
  • This foot and leg spa bath massager soothes the tops of feet and pampers toes
  • Bubbles and heat provide relief to the soles of feet
  • 3 toe-touch controls activate high/low bubbles, waterfall and lights
  • Microban on water nozzle, water pump and bubble strips
  • 2 foot rollers on each side
  • Dual strips on each side for bubbles with high/low
  • This foot and leg spa bath massager includes 3 pedicure attachments: pumice stone, scrub brush and soft-touch massager
  • Heated foot bath with lights (blue LED) under the water reflect giving user a calming, spa feeling
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I used this for the first time today... ordered in spite of bad reviews because I thought the waterfall was cool. I am so glad I purchased this!! First, it doesn't really heat much, but I would highly recommend a COLD foot soak with Epsom salts to reduce swelling after a day on your feet. I would also recommend ice if your feet can tolerate it. My feet were aching before I put them in and when I took them out they felt so much better. I didn't want to remove them! The two round pieces on the top are loofahs and it comes with a brush, pumice and massager for the center console. There are also two rolling massagers inside the bath. The rollers will only massage the middle to front part of my size 10 foot, but you can put the massaging brush on the center and massage your heels with that. When setting up I would recommend sitting on a tiled surface and have a towel wrapped around the tub. I would place my feet in and then use a bucket to fill just covering your feet, turn the spa on (you can use your toe) and then place the Epsom salts inside. Add more water if needed... then relax and enjoy. I highly recommend this foot spa! Money well spent.


Exactly what I needed

Love the bubbles and the massage rollers and attachments! The waterfall is the best! The product works well and fulfills its purpose to help me relax and clean my feet. The only downside (why it gets 4 not 5 stars) is that that when you put the bubbles on high, it splashes out a bit if you have filled to the max fill line, but the bubbles on low is still amazing! Since a lot of people comment and ask about the heat, it does keep the water warmer than if it didn't have a heat function, but it does start to cool down after 10-15 minutes (but I am pretty much done by then so no big deal).


I love it

I would recommend it to othets


Makes a great gag gift

Imagine a wonderfully relaxing foot bath with very warm water and bubbles. Then buy something else. This device has no heating element to either heat or maintain temperature. The joke will be on the person you give it to who will be playing with the device for hours trying to get it to work. Then they too will see the fine print that says it doesn't heat water. They wont expect from reading what the box says: "bubbles and heat". How diabolical!


Extras not worth the $$

In all fairness, NO foot bath will HEAT the water, at best they with marginally maintain heat for 15 mins. This product has lots of bubbles, but less satisfaction. The waterfall will significantly reduce water temp within 2 minutes, the lights are pointless for the additional price and this product is extremely loud. Massage rollers are easy to remove, max water line is in an awkward place, water WILL flow over if you use below inch from max line. Product will fit a woman's size 11. The recommended area to empty the water is directly over the power cord, even tho the directions say to avoid pouring water over power cord.