STA-BIL (22214) Storage Fuel Stabilizer for All Gasoline Engines, 32 fl oz

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STA-BIL (22214) Storage Fuel Stabilizer for All Gasoline Engines, 32 fl oz
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Keep gasoline and your vehicle's engine protected during storage by adding STA-BIL Storage Fuel Stabilizer. STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer keeps fuel fresh for up to 2 years in your lawnmower, boat, or car. When used as directed it will ensure easy starts next season and help prevent damage caused by ethanol blended fuels. This also eliminates the need to drain fuel before putting the vehicle into storage. STA-BIL fuel stabilizer comes in an easy-pour bottle and treats up to 80 gallons. It works with all gasoline and gas engine models on cars, boats and other vehicles. For optimal results, treat fuel as soon as it's purchased. This bottle contains 32 fl oz of auto fuel stabilizer and has two different openings to pour from.
STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer:• 1 oz treats 2.5 gals• Recommended by Original Equipment ManufacturersSTA-BIL fuel stabilizer does not contain alcohol• May be used for up to 2 years after opening bottle• Removes the need to drain fuel• Vehicles are easy to start when brought out of storage• Prevents corrosion and build up of varnish or gum• Works with all gasoline and all gas engines

Bama Swampfox

Part of my equipment plan, every time

I have accumulated many pieces of lawn and garden equipment over the years. Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, hedge clippers, chain saws, edgers, etc. I used to add Sta-Bil at the end of the season but somehow I either forgot to add it, missed the amount or added it to bad fuel. As a result, every spring I had one or more issues - clean or replaced carbs, fuel tanks, and so on. I solved my problem with two things: I only buy pure gasoline - no ethanol - it’s available in most places and there is a smart phone app that can help you find a local station. Second, I add Sta-Bil to the fuel can (and oil for the 2atrokes) immediately after I buy it so I never have to guess the right amount in the tool and the gas is always good-to-go. Yes it’s more expensive this way but I only use about 20 gallons of gas a year so it’s an expense I gladly accept to have zero problems. I’ve done this for theee years now with 100% success. Spend a little money on the front end and you’ll thank yourself every time you pull the cord.


Sta-bil keeps your gas stable!

I've used this product for decades to keep my small engine fuel supply from spoiling during storage. Even in the summer when the mowers use gasoline quickly, I refill my containers with the specified dosage so that the fuel systems are thoroughly covered. Gas stored over the winter for the snow blower & generator are still usable for the mowers if it isn't needed. Because I have consistently used Sta-Bil, I have never had a hard start problem due to spoiled fuel. Even my emergency chain saw starts quickly, & it's the leased used of any of my small engines. Do I recommend Sta-Bil? I certainly do! Even if you forget to put it into the empty gas can before filling, you can add it on top & still get the benefit. It will disperse through the gas on its own & blend as the liquid is agitated during refueling.


Product is good

Product was as advertised. Pick up process at Store was a disaster, even using the App.


So far, so good

Does what the manufacturer says it does. I pour in in the tank of my roadster when I shut it down for the winter, and in my snow blower in the spring. Never a problem.


Stuff really works

After Typhoon Dolphin (May 2015) I filled up the portable generator, turned off the shut off value, ran generator until it died and added Sta-bil. Total forgot about the generator......for 3 years. Here it is September 2018 and Typhoon Hangkhut just hit power island wide. Dug out the generator expecting to work on it for several hours.....checked the oil and hooked up a new battery.....on the fifth attempt the generator fired up. Ran though 10 gallons for fuel without any issues. Thank you Sta-bil!