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Bring out your creative side with the Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is ideal for various arts and crafts projects. It is not dye-lotted and comes in medium weight. This worsted yarn is available in a plethora of colors from blue suede and candy print to frosty green, neon fleck and more.

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn 7 oz:

  • No dye lot
  • Worsted
  • Medium craft yarn
  • Available in nearly 30 distinct colors to choose from, including blue, Aran, Aruba blue, baby pink, buff, bright yellow, and many more


Wonderful Product.

I love using Red Heart yarn. The yarn is always great. I get the most value for my money with Red Heart. I love the fact the yarn is made in the USA. The only draw back is that ordering it online is more expensive than going to the store.


Yarn quality

Yarn has some fraying spots (all skeins). Skeins do not have equal amounts of yarn on them. One skein was over 9 feet shorter. The other 6 feet shorter. (I am using 3 strands held together to make something). Delivery was earlier than expected. But my completion for the order was delayed as I ran out of the originally ordered yarn before item completed. Instead of 7 skeins I had to use 11 with very little left over. This was a very researched pattern so I know it wasn't an error on the part of the designer.



my yarn i ordered was what my grand daughter picked out you had only 1 roll left thought i could find it some place else.Nope no other stores carried it, so i did the on line search for site to store, and found it i was so happy and she will be to know they she will ahve her blanket Grandma promised her, thanks again


Very nice product

I am making a scarf and a hat with this yarn and it looks very beautiful. I only wish that red heart could have a softer type of yarn of this same color.


Beautiful Designs

Red Heart's Peruvian Print yarn created self-striping designs in beautiful colors! It was fun to see what design would come out in the next row. My friends in a knitting group on Facebook loved the scarf I made and wanted to know how to get this yarn. It is currently the hottest yarn in our group (and I know how nerdy that sounds)!