Tampax Pearl Tampons Super Plus, Unscented, 40 Count

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Tampax Pearl Tampons Super Plus, Unscented, 40 Count
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Tampax Anti-Slip Grip Cardboard Applicator Super Plus Absorbency Tampons come with anti-slip Grip for easier insertion. The absorbent core fits your unique shape, and the LeakGuard skirt helps stop leaks before they happen. And, they come with a strong, durable wrapper for safe storage.

Tampax Cardboard Super Plus Tampons, Unscented:
  • LeakGuard Skirt helps stop leaks before they happen
  • Anti-slip Grip for easy tampon insertion
  • FormFit gently expands to fit your unique shape
  • Tampax tampons offer up to 8 hours of comfortable protection
  • Tampax Super Plus Cardboard Applicator Tampons
  • For superior comfort and protection, also try Tampax Pearl tampons


I love this product

In my personal opinion this product is the best. I work a busy schedule and this. Is the one that best keeps up with me. I tried that pearl and sport versions but they did not work well for me. So I love this product and am sticking to the basics.



I cannot find cardboard applicators in my (only) store in town. Please. While all other companies in the world are moving to eco-friendly products, Tampax is going with all plastic applicators? I'll have to start using store brand now, though they aren't nearly as dependable. PLEASE RECONSIDER!


Best tampon yet.

Its jumbo size isn’t too discrete but at 22 i’ve used my fair share of tampons. I’ve tried all sizes, different applicators, some with no applicators, and I can say HANDS DOWN that THIS is the BEST tampon i’ve EVER used! Since I started my menses i’ve always had a heavy flow. I’ve never gotten anything lighter than heavy. So I’ve always been forced to wear both a tampon and a pad. (Yes, I inserted correctly). I don’t think i’ll EVER go back to Playtex. This morning I woke up expecting the usual mess and I was dry, I felt good, the string wasnt bloody, I felt clean! It was like WOW! This NEVER happens! This was day 1 of my period but it was such a game changer I literally googled, “How to leave a review for tampax.” THANK Y’ALL for making the best tampon i’ve ever used in my entire life! You just got a lifetime customer and generations more to come!

Long Time Customer

I can flush the applicator AND wrapper!

I cannot find the Super box of 40 cardboard applicator anywhere. Stopped seeing them in Las Vegas, NV 2016. Now It's 2018 and can't find them anywhere in Reno, NV 89512. I love that the cardboard is biodegradable. Applicators and wrappers can both be flushed.


Will never use anything else

After trying several different brands and types of tampons, I will never again stray from Tampax Tampons with the Cardboard Applicator. This is the ONLY tampon I can use without having to constantly run to the bathroom to change or make sure I'm not having an accident. I have a very heavy flow (due to thickened endometrium) and use a pad for extra protection; but hands down, these are the BEST! I literally drive from store to store to find them when my regular store runs out. I refuse to use anything else. Thank you, Tampax.