Victor M310S Tin Cat Live Catch Mouse Trap

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Victor M310S Tin Cat Live Catch Mouse Trap
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Ideal for people who do not want to see or touch the mouse.

Victor M310 Tin Cat Live Catch Mouse Trap:

  • Enables consumers to catch and release mice
  • Catches up to 30 mice
  • Can be used around food, water, children and pets
  • Disposable or reusable depending on preference
  • Victor tin cat mouse trap is easy to set and bait
  • Ideal for people who do not want to see or touch the mouse


Great Humane Trap

I put some salami in it just to be sure, it caught the mouse with no trauma to the mouse, and I was able to release mouse in a distant field. I got tired of conventional mouse traps catching the mouse by the nose or leg and I had to drown it and there was blood all over, no more.



We live near in a rural area, so it's not uncommon for mice to come in the house. I felt so horrible for the old snap traps when they would chatch other parts of their bodies, I really never want a mouse to suffer I just don't want them in my house. So this works like a charm I put some peanut butter in there but not near the ramps, they go in and can't get out until we release them. It recommends driving them 2 miles a way so we do. We have caught 4 mice and I haven't seen any signs of them anywhere else. My only issue is that it can be hard to clean but would recommend this to anyone with a rodent problem.


Worked As Advertised

Had a mice problem at work. Set it and caught 2 the first night. That's all we had.


Could use some improvements

The first 2 times I used it, the mice took the food and somehow got out. I put a heavy object on the top the next time and caught the next 2 mice. They somehow could lift the top up, not secure enough. Also after catching the mouse and taking it down the road to let go, when I opened the container the mouse hid in one of the entrance tunnels, shaking the container the mouse came out and went into the other entrance tunnel. I had to put a rock in front of the empty entrance and shake the mouse out of the other tunnel.



I have been using this trap for a few weeks and it works amazing. If anyone that says it does not work does not know how to use it. Put Peanut butter inside...stand the trap on the side (not flat) with the holes on the floor side. It works really well but the best way is to listen and catch them as soon as you hear noise so you can set them free outside:)