Snuggle Fabric Softener Sheets, Blue Sparkle, 200 Count

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Snuggle Fabric Softener Sheets, Blue Sparkle, 200 Count
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Keep your clothes and linens smelling fresh and clean the entire day when you incorporate the Snuggle Blue Sparkle Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets into your wash. This product reawakens your senses with its just-washed Blue Sparkle scent. Available in a 200-count pack, these fabric softener sheets promises 30 days of freshness and is made to reduce static cling.
Snuggle's original Blue Sparkle scent is a fresh and clean blend of white floral and bright green citrus notes that snuggle up to warm woody notes and soft musk for a comforting, long-lasting freshness your family will love. In addition to using in the dryer to make your clothes feel softer, dryer sheets can also be used in a variety of places like closets, gym bags, suitcases, and cars to make them smell fresh. For long-lasting freshness and static reduction, add a Snuggle brand dryer sheet to every load you dry. Place the sheet on top of wet clothes and start the dryer cycle as usual. Discard after use. Safe for standard and HE dryers. Includes one box of 200 dryer sheets.


Best Drier Sheets

These are not the cheapest fabric softener sheets I have ever bought, but they are certainly the best. There is a huge difference in how my clothing and towels feel after I've dried them with a couple of these drier sheets versus cheaper brands.


Blue Sparkle...great smelling clothes!

I've tried other dryer sheets in the past, but I keep coming back to Snuggle Blue Sparkle. I've had no issues with static. One dryer sheet is all that's needed even for a large load. I can't say if the freshness lasts for 30 days, but I can definitely smell it days after washing. The clothes come out smelling fresh every time. I can't stop smelling my clothes! Tide Original or Tide Clean Breeze with Snuggle Blue Sparkle = the best combo!


Scent galore!

I love a strong scent. This has a strong, long lasting scent. In addition to laundry I put sheets in linen drawers, closets and near the kitchen garbage. I will buy this again



Smells soooo good and lasts a long time. I used to use Bounce but found it was lacking. I tried this one and will never go back


Snuggle Fabric Softner

Snuggle Fabric softener sheets are the best and Walmart as the best price for them. 200 Ct package is wonderful and last a whole month in my house. If you are on a fixed income like we are this is the best bargan.