Mobil 1 10W-40 High Mileage Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 qt.

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Mobil 1 10W-40 High Mileage Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 qt.
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Keep your older engines running like new with the help of this Advanced Mobil 1 10W-40 High-Mileage Full-Synthetic Motor Oil. It is an advanced full-synthetic engine oil that is designed to provide exceptional wear protection, cleaning power and overall performance. This 5-qt motor oil bottle will support your car through oil change after oil change, helping to enhance and extend your engine's life. It does this by reducing deposits and sludge, protecting the parts in a high-mileage engine. It also contains a seal conditioner to keep the engine seals in optimal condition and to prevent leaks. With excellent lubrication properties, Mobil 1 10W-40 High Mileage Full Synthetic Motor Oil can be used in passenger cars, SUVs, light vans and trucks.

Mobil 1 10W-40 High Mileage Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 qt:
  • High-mileage passenger car motor oil specially designed for older engines
  • Provides wear protection, cleaning power and overall performance
  • Reduces deposits and sludge
  • Contains a seal conditioner to keep seals in working condition and help prevent leaks
  • Ideal for passenger cars, SUVs, light vans and trucks
  • 5-qt bottle ideal for multiple oil changes
  • Helps older engines last for a longer time


10 40 mobil oil

the tests run all show mobil one as being one of the best oils out there . And the price is great. Add being able to go to wallmart and getting the best price , even when the others raise their prices with the gas ! Well that makes it an even beter deal ! dave l desplaines


Excellent oil for SUVs!

This is an excellent oil for my BMW X5! I quiets down the pistons and the rattling Vanos! Perfect!


Mobil 1 High Mileage Synthetic

I bought my 2000 Buick Park Avenue 3.8 V6 brand new! I have used Mobil 1 since the first oil change whenever the oil change monitor reached 40% of oil life left! I now have 250,000 miles and just returned from driving back to NY from Chicago. The car averaged 30 MPG, that's correct 30MPG on this 2100 trip. I use Mobil 1 High Mileage 10-30 or 10-40 High mileage in the summer. The engine purrs and attribute it to Mobil 1 and my diligence. Use it!


You can feel the difference!

I have a 2005 minivan with 199,200 miles. I recently switched to synthetic oil for better protection with a different brand oil. I wasn't expecting to actually feel a difference and I didn't. But this oil change my friend who is a mechanic recommended I use mobile 1. I did. Again I didn't expect to feel a difference but was shocked to actually feel one. The engine runs smoother and is quieter when the hood is up. I will not use another brand of oil again.


Best oil for high mileage engines

I started using this oil in my Grand Prix with over 200,000 miles and it has never ran better. It started burning 10w-30 faster than I like, but switching to this 10w-40 significantly reduced consumption. I fully expect to be able to squeeze another 50,000 miles out of this engine using this oil.